Review:  Lessons in Temptation
The Khulture
April 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell  RATING: A
REVIEW: D Camille is back with a bang, and she rewards her readers with two exceptional stories in one book. A Lesson in Enticement is the first story, and it features Asha Sawyer and Omari Clarke. The second story, A Lesson in Attraction presents Neveah Long and Russ Pearson. The thread that ties these stories together is the expansion of Bantu Academy to the town of Grayling, Michigan, where “Excellence Lives”. Followers of D Camille were first introduced to the Bantu Academy family in LESSONS IN LOVE (Book #1) and LESSONS IN PASSION (Book #2). Although LESSONS IN TEMPTATION can be read as a stand-alone, you will have a better understanding of the characters and the reasons that prompt the expansion if you read Books 1 and 2. The connections are priceless!

A Lesson in Enticement - I love this romantic story that chronicles the love journey of Asha and Omari. Omari is looking to open a Bantu Academy in Washington, D.C., Detroit, Michigan, and Grayling, Michigan. To do this, he elicits the assistance of Asha to design a curriculum specific and relevant to the students of those places to enhance their educational experience. While Asha is on board with designing the curriculums, she has her reasons for rejecting Omari’s enticing moves. You’ll discover what the reasons are when you read the story. However, spending three weeks together just might have her changing her mind. I enjoyed catching up with Asha’s sister, Khai and her husband, Malik (A Lesson in Devotion), and other familiar characters as Asha and Omari travel to D.C., Detroit, and Grayling. The couple’s HEA is the culmination of those trips.

A Lesson in Attraction - Neveah is Omari Clarke’s trusted and valued assistant. Her assignment is to visit Grayling, Michigan, and handle the second phase of getting the Bantu Academy up and running. Russ, the ambitious entrepreneur, has been assigned to be Neveah’s escort/guide while she is in Grayling. There’s a phrase, familiar to those who live in Grayling, called “catching the wave”. You’ll get that when you read the story. When Neveah and Russ meet, the attraction is strong and the chemistry stronger. They make every moment count and offer no excuses for it. I enjoyed this couple as they managed to take care of business in every way. In addition to being an enjoyable romantic story, A Lesson in Attraction is an uplifting commentary that reveals what can happen when we “lift each other as we climb”.

LESSONS IN TEMPTATION is a worthy addition to the Bantu Academy Series. You will discover that the stories are engaging, empowering, and entertaining. I recommend it for your reading pleasure

1st April 2021 |