Review: It's Not Love, It's Business
Elle Writes Books
August 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEW: IT’S NOT LOVE, IT’S BUSINESS, is the latest book in the Young in Love Series and Ms. Wrights 25th release! Dallas Young is an Attorney who is a marriage broker. She has no interest in matchmaking. Preston Hayes was introduced in the Once Upon a Funeral novella. He’s an architect who owns a construction company with his best friend Cooper Prescott. The title of the first chapter pulled me in right away. Blake kicks off her and her brothers’ Halloween themed birthday bash with a bang and received a heck of a birthday present.

Preston Hayes is Dallas’s “sorta” friend as an extension of her friendship with Cooper. She’s attracted to everything about him. His sexiness tops the list. Besides the fact that Preston thinks Dallas is beautiful, she is honest and he knows he can trust her. He is a sensitive person and Dallas is in tune with his feelings. Both Dallas and Preston are dealing with changes in their lives. Preston is there for Dallas when she needs a favor for business reasons, however, he has some fun with it at Dallas’s expense. Their chemistry is off the charts and business and pleasure quickly merge. There is nothing fake about it; what they share is real. In the midst of this, Preston is dealing with a family member who has substance issues. Like it or not, he’s a caregiver and how he deals with it adds a serious tone to the book.

The Young family’s interactions are comedic at times, but they are also very close and supportive. Leave it to big sisters to always figure out what’s wrong and provide a solution. Similar to book one, there is a touching scene with one of the Young parents. Overall, there is such a contrast with Dallas’s family interactions versus Preston’s.

Ms. Wright is a great storyteller, which makes the book flow really well. She is able to manage the serious aspects without taking away from the fun tone of the book. The chapter titles are a nice touch. Ms. Wright uses her own terms, which add to the humor of the story: “Sorta-friendship”, “sexuation”, just to name a couple. To say that there is a surprise in these pages, is an understatement.
IT’S NOT LOVE, IT’S BUSINESS, is a fun read, and I highly recommend it.

7th September 2021 |