Review: Infinite Possibilities
Men of Action (Book #3)

Madaris Publishing
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: Roland Summers’ story is here, and it is everything! Romance, bad players, FBI corruption, intrigue and mayhem are woven throughout this multilayered story. The major players are Roland Summers, the CEO of Summers Security Firm in Charlottesville, Virginia; Dr. Lennox Roswell, Charlottesville’s ME; Frazier Connelly, Roland’s half-brother, and Rylee Danville, assistant manager in the IT department of Frazier’s company, Connelly Enterprises. This is definitely Roland’s story, but one layer of this intriguing story involves Frazier and his love interest, Rylee. You might want to take notes as you read.

Lennox is in trouble and Roland appoints himself as her one and only protector, and he goes all in! Lennox has been targeted as the one who must die due to her connection to her deceased fiancé whom she discovers did not die of natural causes but was actually murdered. It’s a tangled web of deceit, dirty law enforcement officers, human trafficking, and espionage. Sinister players with deep ties to corrupt law enforcers are determined to kill Lennox like they killed her fiancé. Get ready for explosions, secret locations, plot twists, lots of gun play, and high-tech gadgets that include vehicles that are smarter than people as you read this engrossing story.  However, in the midst of all the bedlam, Ms. Jackson never forgets the power of love. Roland and Lennox go in, and it is wonderful being a voyeur to the budding romance of Frazier and Rylee aka Electra. You’ll get that when you read the story.

When I tell you er’body is in this story, I mean er’body. I’m talking about all the
Granges, all the Protectors, and their growing families, and the Men of Action, Andrew Logan, and Dak Navarro. Now, if that does not resonate with you, you are missing out on some great stories written by the inimitable Brenda Jackson. I love the story arc that involves Roland’s and Frazier’s reconciliation that is seamlessly inserted into the storyline. There is no dead space in this book. It’s a page-turner from the Prologue to the Epilogue. Lennox and Roland’s HEA promises infinite possibilities.

INFINITE POSSIBILITIES is a great conclusion to the Men Of Action Series. Not only is there action, but there is also romance to balance out the chaos. I highly recommend this entertaining and enthralling story for your reading pleasure. You can’t go wrong!

4th October 2022 |