Review: In The Arms of The Law
IN THE ARMS OF THE LAW - Deborah Fletcher Mello
To Serve And Seduce (Book #5)
Harlequin Romantic Suspense
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: I have really enjoyed reading the stories centered around Chicago’s first family of law enforcement, the Black family. The patriarch, Jerome Black, the superintendent of police for Chicago, and the matriarch, Judith Harmon Black, a federal court judge are also jazz enthusiasts. They named their seven children after jazz greats. This story features Ellington Black, highly successful defense attorney, and Special Agent Angela Stanfield. As the story begins, the first chapter draws the reader into a crime scene with the number one suspect a member of the Black family.

This story grabs your attention immediately. Ms Mello, a talented and creative storyteller, wastes no time in engaging the reader. A murder has been committed, and it is a blood splattered mess in the home of District Attorney Jonathan Wyler, the  victim, and his lover and partner, Parker Black, Chicago’s Police Captain. Domestic dispute? Crime of passion? A crime that the pundits and gossip-mongers will have a field day dissecting? All of the above, fans. The Black family finds themselves closing ranks and using every resource at their disposal in order to prove Parker’s innocence. There is a plethora of questions to be asked and answered, and a lot of rocks to be turned over.

Special Agent Stanfield is brought in at the request of the Mayor to investigate the crime, and she and Ellington instantly click. I like their chemistry. It’s palpable. As a couple they work together as professionals and come together as lovers. Angela fits right in with this family of lawyers, investigators, politicians, and crime fighters. There are so many layers to this engrossing suspense story. Bad actors, in-house corruption, and family drama are all key elements in determining whodunnit. I was completely blown away when it became apparent that the people behind the mayhem and murder were close, as in fellow law enforcers and family. No spoilers. You have to read this intriguing story for yourself. This one is my favorite so far out of the five stories in the series.

The side characters are members of the Black family and those who support them, and those who want to see them go down. You are going to be shocked when you discover the twisted mastermind behind the attempt to destroy the close-knit Black family. The surreal conclusion is explosive, leaving the family in turmoil. However, the Epilogue leaves the reader with hope as a new Black scion makes his arrival, and a feeling that the Blacks will be all right. Ellington and Angela? Well, their HFN is starting out on a solid foundation.

is winner! It’s definitely an edge-of-your-seat read with just the right mix of romance and suspense. I recommend it for your reading

1st December 2022 |