Review: In It To Win It
IN IT TO WIN IT - Sharon C. Cooper
Brenda Larnell | Rating: A
REVIEW: USA Today bestselling author, Sharon C.Cooper has once again written another entertaining romantic comedy that presents two lovable lead characters. Drake Faulkner and Morgan Redford were college sweethearts. In this story, they are reunited after ten years. Yes, fans, for ten years Morgan ghosted Drake and broke his heart. I’ll allow you to discover the details that led to that disheartening situation. The story is set in LA, where Drake and Morgan come face-to-face after a decade of no communication.

First, let me say that the comedy aspects of the story are hilarious: From the TikTok dance mishap, the lasagna fail, to the grocery store meet-up, those scenes will have you laughing out loud. On the other hand, there is so much regret and remorse between Drake and Morgan - ten years’ worth, to be exact. It’s apparent that Morgan has a lot of explaining to do. Ms. Cooper does a wonderful job of bringing some resolution to Drake and Morgan’s predicament that leads to unforgettable romantic moments. Their chemistry is off-the-charts.

At the crux of the story is the rivalry that Drake and Morgan engage in to win a special piece of property they each want for the expansion of their businesses. Classic! The competition, set up by one cagey character, Jeffrey Kellner, is composed of an obstacle course plus a 6-mile run all in the name of charity. I like Morgan as a heroine, and the Titan Games competition really bring out the determination and grit that she has. By the time the games happen, Morgan and Drake are full-blown lovers, and as they say, “it’s on and poppin”. I loved, loved, loved Drake’s grand gesture during the race. What a man!

I enjoyed the side characters who support and give unsolicited advice to the lead characters. Addison and Aiden, Drake’s twin sister and brother, are stand-out side characters. I really enjoyed catching up with Dreamy and Karter from
BUSINESS NOT AS USUAL. The HEA is unforgettable!

IN IT TO WIN IT is a story that I am sure you will enjoy. It is the perfect combination of charm, humor, heat, and romance in all the right places. I highly recommend it for your reading pleasure.

9th December 2022 |