Review: In Creed We Trust
IN CREED WE TRUST - Sherelle Green

The Crowne Legacy (Book #10)

Independently Published


Cheryl McNeil (A+)


REVIEW: IN CREED WE TRUST is the much-anticipated finale of the Crowne Legacy Series. Creed has been spiraling out of control since he lost the love of his life and sunshine, Tristan. He has finally received some answers from Duchess about his heritage, which made me feel a sense of hope for him.  Readers met Glory Evans briefly in RYKER’S LAST SALVATION, but we did not know her at all! She has been trying to find her way after losing her memory three years ago. She’s engaged to Pope Maverick, who helped build the Sinners’ Sanctum along with Ryker “Doc” Crown and Shade Kofi. A chain of events has Glory questioning everything she thought she knew.

As the book starts out, Creed is on a job and becomes enthralled by the woman he realizes is an assassin he has seen before. He doesn’t understand what he is feeling and later realizes the masked beauty is his sister Ryker’s friend, Glory. Creed makes a quick decision and before he knows it, he is tasked to keep Glory safe and she is not happy about it, to put it mildly. She has a connection to Tristan that the reader understands later. Glory and Creed are both “taken”. Creed will forever be tied to Tristan and Glory is in love with Pope. However, as time passes Glory becomes physically attracted to Creed in ways that confuse her. She starts fantasizing about him, but did fantasy become reality? Creed is drawn to and obsessed by the physical similarities to Tristan.  Their attraction nearly goes over the edge of temptation and passion.

I wondered who was going to make Creed fall in love again. Ms. Green answered this question in a way no one expects. There are a couple of mind-blowing moments where I was questioning what I read, including Duchess and Ryker’s involvement. There is a lot to say about this book, but I don’t want to give anything away. I will say, both Creed and Glory are battling demons. Neither of them is the same as they were in the past and have experienced a rebirth. This is the only way they “fit”.

This book went above and beyond my expectations! It was so good to see Duchess and Creed at peace. The first conversation they had face to face in years was the scene we all needed. When Creed said “Duchess’ words wash over him like sunlight”. I felt that. I highly recommend
IN CREED WE TRUST, which has earned the Award of Merit. Each book of the Crowne Legacy series is gritty, emotional, serious (sometimes comical) and pushes the envelope with physical scenes.

12 December 2023 |

(Award of Merit)