Review: Holiday Hideaway

A Luxe Noir Christmas

KevStel Publications


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: Tis the season! The very talented author and storyteller, Unoma Nwankwor, regales her readers with a holiday Christmas novella with “Hallmarkish Vibes”. Even though the story is set in Luxe Noir, a fictional enclave of affluent Black Americans on the outskirts of South Carolina, it has those nuggets of “African
Spice” that we have come to love in Ms Nwankwor’s stories. Luxe Noir (Black Luxury) was originally featured in
A SUITABLE WIFE. Well, we are back for the Christmas holidays with two new characters in the U.N. Universe.

Meet Abieyuwa “Yuwa” Osagie who is a popular African R&B Afro-Gospel singer. After performing nonstop, meeting her many public obligations, photo shoots and other necessary duties of the music business, Yuwa is looking forward to some down time, alone, at her brother’s condo in Luxe Noir, the home of Black elites that includes the Westbrook family (
A SUITABLE WIFE). Next, we are introduced to Xander “D Shield” Mitchell, a professional footballer (soccer) who is looking forward to a fresh start with another soccer team, where he would get a little more respect and less bad press for his soccer defender talents. He plans to enjoy the holidays on Luxe Noir in his newly purchased beach house, away from the public.

I love the ‘meet-cute ‘that occurs between Yuwa and Xan at an airport store. We have two superstars of their individual professions, trying to be incognito to the public so they could achieve some very deserving downtime. They both are unknowingly headed for Luxe Noir. The friendship, camaraderie, and promise of love is sparked by a Christmas Festivities contest that occurs in Luxe Noir every year. You are going to love how they get together without even knowing each other’s full names or their popularity. It’s a great feel-good holiday story that I guarantee you will love.

HOLIDAY HIDEAWAY is an entertaining and engaging story. The holiday up-beat vibes you get from the story are so refreshing. I recommend it for your reading pleasure, especially during this holiday season.

25 December 2023 |