Review: His Makeshift Fiancée
Away To Africa (Book #2)
KevStel Publishing
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW:  In the Away to Africa collection, talented storyteller, Unoma Nwankwor, follows the lives of the Kalu family’s three male cousins, Arinze, Cheta and Jidenna. HIS MAKESHIFT FIANCÉE highlights Cheta “Nyce” Kalu, an accomplished professional basketball star, who plays for the fictional team, Atlanta Harriers, in Atlanta, GA. His soulmate, Reign Davis, is the successful creator and owner of a natural skin care line, Body Glow Essentials. This couple is special! You will discover just how special when you read their story.

One of the most appealing aspects of this story is the inclusion of the African culture that is infused into the storyline. Ms. Nwankwor never fails to introduce and present to her readers a real slice of Africa that features the people, the customs, the food, and the flavor of the region. It is so refreshing to travel with the characters who immerse themselves in this experience. Cheta is from Africa, and he goes back, with Reign, to participate in a ceremony that gives his father Chieftain status. We see Africa through Reign’s eyes, as she experiences all the wonderful sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the countries they visit. I love the inclusion of the Igbo language which gives so much authenticity to the story. What a sensuous experience!

As they travel together and become more acquainted with each other, our couple fall hard for each other. Their journey is so sweet. Each one has some past hurts, missteps, and public and private humiliations to deal with and get over. The trip, as a “makeshift” engaged couple, is the perfect trope for the storyline to explore. It opens our couple to the possibilities of “what if” this is the real thing.

The side characters, composed of family and friends of Cheta and Reign, carry their roles well as they dole out advice, good and bad, to the couple. The HEA is a wonderful surprise that will make you smile.

HIS MAKESHIFT FIANCÉE  is an entertaining, engaging and compelling story. I highly recommend it for your reading pleasure. Check it out; you will be glad you did.

10th December 2022 |