Review: Her Royal Professor
HER ROYAL PROFESSOR - Stephanie Nicole Norris

The Royals of Kéra Asnela (Book #)

Love is a Drug Ink


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: Princess Cadence Winthrope, is the second daughter of King Isaac Winthrope of Kera Asnela, an African Kingdom. If you have been following this series, you know that previous stories have highlighted Princess Cadena (HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS), Jasir, a Royal Guardsman (THE GUESTHOUSE OF BEFANIA), Prince Omari (HIS ROYAL DESIRE), and King Isaac (HER ROYAL MAJESTY). I love this series because it is connected to THE ELITE ALLIANCE and the Clarks of Northshire Bend Series. Come on, now! Catch up. The prolific Stephanie Nicole Norris does not play. She constantly surprises and delights her readers with an unexpected new story.

As I said, this story is about Princess Cadence who is preparing to become a member of the Elite Alliance. When the story opens, all the Royals are gathered to witness the induction of Prince Omari, Cadence’s brother, into the Elite Alliance, a covert group of fierce fighters committed to “upholding peace and protecting the fabric of the global society”. Soon after this auspicious occasion, Princess Cadence finds herself in Castle Verlin, the training ground for recruits of the Elite Alliance. It’s her time to earn a position in the alliance. The man, who immediately captures her attention, and causes her heart to hammer is none other than her Professor, Crown Prince Darien, who is assigned to instructor her in “Cyber Infiltration and Defense Training”. Heavy stuff, but Cadence is up for the challenge. Their attraction is mutual, and the story continues with them performing all the necessary steps and training yet enjoying each other’s company. Can they continue as student and professor without crossing the line of professionalism? You will discover how these two star-crossed lovers maneuver that complicated tightrope.

The royal family of Kera Asnela play key roles in this story. It was great catching up with them. I loved the Epilogue because the promise of a wonderful HEA for Darien and Cadence is very prevalent. Kudos to the author for a strong finish.

I enjoy the books of the
Royals of Kera Asnela. They are not just random stories, but they represent a strong connection to other book series by this talented author. I recommend HER ROYAL PROFESSOR for your reading pleasure.

25 December 2023 |