Review: Goal
GOAL - Alexandria House
The St. Louis Sires Series (Book #1)
Pink Cashmere Publishing

Brenda Larnell | Rating: A
REVIEW: It’s a new series from Ms. House that will capture your attention and make for a great “sit back and enjoy” read during this wintry Christmas season. I’m talking about GOAL, The St. Louis Sires Series, that is about all things hockey, family, love and romance! If you liked the St. Louis Cyclones Series, then you are going to love this new one. If you aren’t a hockey fan now, by the end of this book, you will be!

GOAL features Maleek Jones, star lineman for the St. Louis Sires Hockey Team: Black owned, Black coached along with a roster full of Black players! I love it, and I love that the story is set in St. Louis, Missouri, a city that Ms. House sets her sports-themed stories. We first meet Maleek as a teenager, living with his father and stepmom. His life takes a turn, and Maleek finds himself back in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee living with his mother who suffers from mental illness. I’ll allow you to discover the turn of events that occurred to cause this move. Maleek is obsessed with the game of hockey, and his determination, work ethic, and skills, pay off.

While living with his girlfriend/fiancé of seven years, Tasha, and living his dream of being a hockey star, Maleek’s life is changed with one phone call. His father and stepmother have both died, and he is left with the responsibility of raising his two siblings, Jules, 7, and Adam Jr.,10, his father’s children, whom he had no knowledge of. Life for Maleek and Tasha is forever changed by this event. Tasha is not on board, as she tries to persuade Maleek to let the children go into the system. That’s where Nuri Knox comes in. Nuri is hired as the children’s nanny, and while Tasha is on board with it at first, this also becomes problematic. Why? You ask? Well, I’ll let you discover the why’s when you read the book. Believe me, they are warranted. The chemistry between Nuri and Maleek is scary crazy! Maleek is dealing with a lot, but so is Nuri. She is suffering from PTSD from a past experience that sent her life on a downward spiral. No tea! You have to read the story.

I love Maleek and Nuri’s story, and everything they experience as a couple. I enjoyed meeting some of Maleek’s team members, and Zuri’s friends whom I’m sure we will see again in other stories. Maleek’s siblings, Jules and Jr., are adorable, and they play a huge role in the story, as well as Maleek’s mother. The Epilogue is everything! Maleek and Nuri’s HEA is solid as a hockey puck!

There are some pure nuggets in this story that appear in the form of Everett ‘Big South’ McClain, and Unc! That’s all I am going to say about that! I highly recommend
GOAL for your reading pleasure! It’s a winner!

27th December 2022 |