Review: French Vanilla Seduction

Java City (Book #4)

Coffee Brat Publishing


Brenda Larnell (A)


REVIEW: Welcome back to Java City, the place where coffee reigns! FRENCH VANILLA SEDUCTION highlights Nicolson Lattimore and Qiana Michaels. You might remember Qiana from other books in the series. She is the one who is assigned cups, plates and drinks to bring to the party, because the girl can’t cook a lick. In this story she is taking cooking lessons from handsome Nicolson in an attempt to get some culinary respect, because everybody in Java City knows she is dangerous in the kitchen. Literally dangerous, as you will discover by Chapter 2 of the story. Nicolson has a lot on his plate in trying to get Qiana to follow directions in her quest to learn her way around the kitchen. Add to that, he likes her—a lot.

Our hero and heroine are flawed, hilarious and loving. Get ready for the laughs and drama Java City style! Although the storyline includes some funny moments, talented author, Sharon Blount manages to include a serious subject matter that is rarely written about. It is the subject of “colorism” in the Black community and the Black family. Just know, that it blends into the storyline like a good cup of coffee. Qiana’s mother brings the drama by constantly berating Qiana about something that she has no power to change. We get to witness this firsthand as family relationships are exposed in some poignant scenes.

I love the friends-to-lovers aspect of the story. We get a front row seat to their budding romance. I love catching up with the ladies of Java City: Sheryl, Avery, Nicole and Vandross. Names don’t ring a bell? Well, I recommend
EXPRESSO SERVED WITH LOVE (the debut book), MOCHA KISSES, and LATTE DREAMS to get to know these wonderful characters. The Epilogue houses a glorious HEA for Qiana and Nicholson.

FRENCH VANILLA SEDUCTION is an entertaining and engaging read. I recommend it for your reading pleasure.

25 December 2023 |