Review: Foolish Hearts
FOOLISH HEARTS - Synithia Williams
HQN Books
August 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Jennifer Copeland | RATING: A
REVIEW: FOOLISH HEARTS by best-selling author Synithia Williams is an amazing and fantastic book. This is the Book #5 and final book in her popular Jackson Falls Series. She definitely brought the drama out early in this book. The cover of the book is gorgeous, and I was hooked after the very first chapter. I would suggest reading the previous books in the series so that you will be familiar with the characters. The previous books are FORBIDDEN PROMISES, THE PROMISE OF A KISS, SCANDALOUS SECRETS, and CARELESS WHISPERS.

FOOLISH HEARTS tells the second chance at love story of Ashiya Waters and Russell Gilchrist. Ashiya is the cousin of the Robidoux siblings, and she also has her own business called Piece Together. Russell works for Robidoux Corporation. Ashiya and Russell dated in the past, but she broke it off with him to go back with her ex-boyfriend. Ashiya gets a call that her grandmother on her father’s side of the family passed away and left her everything including her company The Legacy Group. Ashiya asked her cousin Elaina if she could help her run the company. Elaina has a better idea and asks Russell if he would help Ashiya run her company and she would consider him for the COO position. Russell feels that if he gets the position, that he will finally have the resources to find what happened to his brother who went missing years ago during spring break. Will Russell agree to help Ashiya? Will Ashiya get Russell back as her man? You will have to read FOOLISH HEARTS to find out!

What I absolutely loved about this book was the drama and the family dynamics. I also loved how Ms. Williams put a little mystery in this book as well as kept the romance in it. The storyline flowed so seamlessly that I felt like I was in the book watching their romance unfold. I absolutely love how Ashiya grew into being a confident woman in business and in love. The love scenes are spicy and sizzling. I also enjoyed catching up with Elaina and India as well as the other characters from the earlier books in the series.  I couldn’t stand Isaac at all even though I knew he was concerned about Russell getting hurt again.

Overall, I loved reading
FOOLISH HEARTS! I just couldn’t put my book down until I finished it! I am sad to see the series end, but Mrs. Williams ended it with a bang. Make sure to grab a copy of FOOLISH HEARTS by Synithia Williams.

14th September 2021 |