Review: F-Boy Confessions
F-BOY CONFESSIONS - Sherelle Green
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Reviewer: Cheryl McNeil | Rating: A
REVIEW: We originally met Midas Hood when he and Ares, his cousin and partner in crime, were in high school in GROWN FOLKS CONFESSIONS. Midas is a tattoo artist and works at Lush, which is right up his alley. He’s also kicking off a new business venture; a cool interactive art and music experience with his band Sacred Savages. Just like Midas in Greek mythology, everything he touches turns to gold. Drea Baker has an unconventional career. Some of her choices may be questionable, but she’s comfortable in her skin. Drea and Midas can’t stand each other because they are so much alike. They are also connected through family and have known each other for years.

The first thing Midas thinks when he sees Drea at Lush is: “if avoid at all costs was a person it would be her”. Isn’t that the truth! Seeing her is so unexpected and he tries to talk himself out of what he originally came to Lush for. He breaks all the rules because their chemistry is off the charts. Drea is overwhelmed with her feelings and gets lost in Midas’s light eyes. The book’s cover art gives the reader a perfect visual. Drea is shook by the encounter and wants to finish what they started, but knows she shouldn’t. Midas owns up to crossing the line and pays the consequence. Later on, Midas and Drea work on a project together and have the opportunity to learn more about each other. Drea is feeling the physical but is worried about the emotional aspects.

The heroine is so unexpected, but Ms. Green makes it work. We learn about Midas’s love of painting and Drea is an artist as well. This couple is on fire in the bedroom. They are also vulnerable with each other and share things no one else knows. Midas finds himself in a real relationship (He’s called the F-boy for a reason).

There is depth to the story that makes it more enjoyable. For example, Ms. Green touches on the important issue of sexual harassment in the entertainment industry. The “F-Boy Confessions” throughout are funny and right on point. Confession #3 is hilarious. The bonus scene lives up to the “naughty” series title and the heat boils over. It further confirms these two are made for each other. The family drama is expected, but short lived. There are touching moments with Midas’s dad, brother and cousins. Midas learns the true meaning of family. At the end of the day, with the Hoods, family is everything. I highly recommend

18th December 2022 |