Review: Cinderella's Last Stand
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (Book #2)

Harlequin Special Edition
Jennifer Copeland (A)
REVIEW: CINDERELLA’S LAST STAND by Michelle Lindo-Rice is a wonderful and good book! This is the Book #2 in her Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Series. I would recommend reading Book #1 in the series, RIVALS AT LOVE CREEK, so that you will be familiar with the characters. I have been waiting for this book to drop. The author didn’t disappoint me at all! I couldn’t put my kindle down until I finished reading it.

tells the love story of Madison “Maddie” Henry and Axel Harrington. Axel is always asking Maddie to do things for him that is not truly an emergency. Maddie is trying to make it in Hollywood on her own terms. She asks Axel to do one thing for her and he isn’t considerate enough to do that. Axel has a bit of drama going on and he asks Maddie if he could hide out at her house for a few days until the drama blows over. Once again, Maddie gives in to help Axel. Axel gets asked to help out at his brother’s Lynx school for a while. After Maddie overheard Axel talking to his publicist, she decides she has had enough and puts in her two weeks’ notice. Maddie is willing to help Axel until the two weeks is up. Will Axel stop being self-absorbed? Will Maddie and Axel become a couple? You will have to read CINDERELLA’S LAST STAND to find out!

What I loved about this book was the storyline and how well it flowed. I love the progression that Axel made throughout the book to change for the better. I love how Maddie finally stood up for herself so that she could be on the path to follow her dreams. I also love the family dynamics of the whole book. The chemistry between Maddie and Axel was a slow and sweet burn. I loved all the drama that this book has! I can’t wait to see where the author takes this series to next.

Overall, I loved reading
CINDERELLA’S LAST STAND by Michelle Lindo-Rice. This is the second book that I have read by this author and I will definitely be reading more of her books! She didn’t disappoint me at all! Make sure to grab a copy of this wonderful book!

24th September 2022 |