Review: Cinderella Masquerate
Texas Cattleman's Club: Ranchers & Rivals (Book  #7)
Harlequin Desire
Cheryl McNeil (B+)
REVIEW: Dr. Zanai James is a developmental psychologist who is passionate about the community she serves. She is more comfortable with science books than socializing. She’s lived in the small town of Royal since her teen years, but feels like an outsider. Rancher Jayden Lattimore is the most eligible bachelor in Royal. He comes from old money. Readers met Jayden in THE VACATION CRUSH, featuring Jayden’s older brother Jonathan.

Jayden doesn’t recognize Zanai at the towns Masquerade Ball, but she catches his eye. He can see her beauty beyond her disguise. A flirty conversation is sealed with a kiss and Jayden wants more. It’s like real life “Cinderella” when Zanai leaves something behind. Due to their mutual friends, it’s easy to track her down. Being hidden at the masquerade ball is one thing, but interacting allows them to truly see each other. Jayden is able to see past the aloof and serious person that has turned him off over the years.

Jayden is about having fun, but there is more to him than meets the eye. He knows one date is not enough and his romantic and caring spirit surprised me. He brings out the inner Queen in Zanai. He’s truly “Prince Charming”. I don’t like how Zanai looks down on herself and thinks she isn’t good enough. There is a lot of focus on that. The most eligible bachelor is interested in her for a reason! He thinks she is gorgeous and has inner appeal. He sees qualities that she doesn’t. She’s at the top of her game professionally and her inner confidence comes out in the bedroom. She’s the total opposite in how she feels about herself. Her terrible father plays a part in that.

CINDERELLA MASQUERADE, LaQuette highlights the stigma surrounding black people and therapy. Zanai is on a mission to change this view. The story is rounded out by characters who are featured in other books. It’s not necessary to read the entire series, in order to enjoy this story. The cover also perfectly aligns with the description. All in all, this is a good read and I recommend it.

31st October 2022 |