Review: Chocolate Kisses
Coffee Brat Publishing

Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: Welcome back to Java City where this delightful story takes place, and where we are introduced to Tumi James and Aiko Sat’o. I love the Java City denizens and the love, shenanigans, and mayhem of their lives. If you are familiar with the talented Miss Blount’s stories, then you already know the Greenlace, Collier, Lattimore, and Neverson crew. In this story, we are introduced to two new families who make Java City their home.

Both Tumi and Aiko are looking forward to Valentine’s Day, that special day set aside for lovers. Tumi is expecting her man, Divine Cooper, to propose to her while Aiko is all set to propose to his fiancé’, Kayla Moore. Well, those plans  quickly dissolve when things take a turn for the worse. The story is told from a duo POV perspective, so we get to witness first-hand what Aiko and Tumi are thinking and feeling, and how they each handle their “situations”. And fans, let me tell you, those “situations” are humdingers! No tea will be spilled here. You have got to read this novella for yourself to discover just what happened on that Valentine’s Day that changed the trajectory of Aiko and Tumi’s lives. I will say that Tumi and Aiko, have a meet-cute at Java City’s legendary Coffee Brat Brewery that leads them to becoming a couple. They eventually discover that they have a lot in common.

The secondary characters are an eclectic bunch. There are good actors and bad actors. When I say bad, I really mean despicable. Just wait until you see them in action! No names; no spoilers. I like Aiko’s mother, Hellen, who stands her ground against the madness. The HFN for Aiko and Tumi is so welcomed. You can’t help but be happy for them.

CHOCOLATE KISSES is an entertaining and enjoyable story that you can read in one sitting. I recommend it for your reading pleasure. If you are not familiar with the Java City crew, let me also recommend Miss Blount’s other books to you. EXPRESSO SERVED WITH LOVE, MOCHA KISSES, LATTE DREAMS, WHERE THE HEART IS, and PICTURE PERFECT CHRISTMAS. All of them are a great mix of romance and humor.

5th November 2022 |