Review: All Hail Queen Duchess

Crowne Legacy (Book #9)

Independently Published


Cheryl McNeil (A)


REVIEW: The second to the last book in The Crowne Legacy series, ALL HAIL QUEEN DUCHESS starts in an unexpected, but necessary, way to give a glimpse of the state of mind of a critical character.

We have read about Duchess and Stanley throughout the series. Now, we get to see where it all began; when Duchess was fifteen and Stanley was seventeen. Duchess was too young to be in the situation she was in. Stanley was at the right place at the right time to provide a shoulder for her to lean on. That is a recurring theme. Stan knows her secrets so she fights what is meant to be and there are detours before they can start their forever.

Stan is known as the golden boy and has an NBA career in his future. He knows from the beginning that Duchess is the only woman for him. He waits patiently and when the time is right, he takes what is rightfully his. Their physical passion seals the deal of what has been known all along; they were created for each other. Duchess experiences something that no one should ever go through. Stan is the only one she lets in her heart when she is broken. He expresses love and nurtures her. He has the strength that it takes to support his woman through healing. He allows Duchess to be a leader and live in her purpose because he is a hero who has her back, front, and everything in between. However, it is not one sided. When Stan experiences grief, Duchess is right there.

USA Today best-selling Sherelle Green evokes many emotions with this book. I was touched by Duchess and Stan’s love story and physical passion. I was also on the edge of my seat to find answers to open questions. We understand why the Crowne family is so committed to end sex trafficking. We also better understand the relationship with the Carringtons, other Crowne allies, their enemies, and Duchess’s decisions about Creed. We already knew Queenie was a mess. Now we know that Idris Jones, Duchess’s father, is just as bad!

I like how the book started and ended with the present. There are also a couple of bonus scenes; one was hilarious but the final one prepares the reader for what is to come. I know it will be a thrilling conclusion. I highly recommend
ALL HAIL QUEEN DUCHESS about the Queen of the Crowne empire and her King.

10th October 2023 |