Review: A Valentine For Christmas
Valentine Vinyards (Book #1)
Harlequin Desire
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: All right, Reese Ryan! We are once again in Magnolia Lake, Tennessee, to enjoy another great story. However, the notable Abbott family will take a backseat to a new family in town. Talented author, Reese Ryan introduces us to the Valentines: father, Abbott (note the first name), and his six children, Chandra, Nolan, Sebastian, Alonzo, Nyles, and Naya. Abbott has summoned his crew to Magnolia Lake to inform them of a life-changing business deal that he has made, as well as some family history that sheds new light pertaining to his birthright. I’ll allow you to discover exactly what all of that means when you read the story. I will say that it sets the stage for an engaging story.

The story features Chandra Valentine and native son, Dr. Julian Brandon (JB), who is also headed to Magnolia Lake to establish himself as the town’s doctor. While Chandra is leery of going to Magnolia Lake, Julian is dreading the painful memories that being home brings. They have a meet-cute while traveling together on the same airplane. I also love the scene where JB comes  to Chandra’s rescue. As a couple, they hit it off from the beginning, but there are a couple of  tropes, younger man-older woman and fake relationship, that Ms Ryan inserts into the storyline that makes their relationship very intriguing. One of the highlights of the story happens when the Abbotts meet the Valentines, and Chandra and Julian’s fake relationship begins. Great scene! While the Valentines are trying to adjust to their new status, family and business, Chandra is facing a crisis concerning her position with the firm that she has been with for five years. But that’s not all fans! No spoilers, so you’ll have to read the story to discover what else our heroine and hero are facing.

I loved catching up with the Abbotts, and this book is the perfect transition for connecting the Abbotts and the Valentines. I look forward to more stories involving the Valentines, and their growing vineyard business. The Epilogue houses the perfect HEA for Chandra and Julian on New Year’s Day. Yes, the Abbotts are present.

A VALENTINE FOR CHRISTMAS is a delightful and enjoyable story that will draw you in from the opening page to the last page. I highly recommend it for your reading pleasure. If, for some odd reason, you are not familiar with the Abbotts of Magnolia Lake, I recommend you  start with SAVANNAH’S SECRETS, (Book #1). You can thank me later.

1st December 2022 |