Review: A Family Affair
A FAMILY AFFAIR - Iris Bolling
A Lassiter Wedding Series (Book #3)
Siri Austin Entertainment
Brenda Larnell (A)
REVIEW: It is indeed a “Family Affair” as Thee Inimitable Iris Bolling gives her readers a roller coaster of a ride chronicling the days leading up to the wedding of Matthew Adonis Lassiter and his chosen mate, Leah Saxton. One one hand, there’s a lot of action, clandestine meetings, and underhanded moves that occur to help make this story a page-turner. To counteract that, the resourceful Lassiter clan is in full force to block, and out maneuver everything and everyone who tries to destroy the plans that are in place for a beautiful wedding for Matt and Leah. I loved this story! It never ceases to amaze me how Ms. Bolling always delivers a storyline that moves smoothly from start to finish and is seamless and coherent.

First, you might want to take notes during your reading, because Ms. Bolling is known for weaving in plot provoking nuggets (past and future) into her story. Along with the Lassiters, the Saxton family play important roles in the story. Lyle Saxton, Leah’s father, is despicable. I’ll leave that right there, because if you are a follower of the Lassiters, you already know how they deal with despicable, hateful characters who threaten them and theirs in any way. On the other hand, Leah’s mother, Zelda is a welcomed addition to the family because she is strong, and now has a strong man standing with her, her present husband, Vance Maxwell. I can’t omit Carter, Leah’s brother and his wife, Brenda (What a great name!). When it comes to making a change, Brenda is, by far, the most dynamic character in this story. There is also a side story arc that involves Cynthia and Samuel’s daughter who is showing an interest in participating in a pageant. There is something amiss, and some shady characters reappear to do what they do best….create chaos. More of that to come, I’m sure.

The day before the wedding (Chapter 27) we get a glimpse of the disconnect between Sally, the Matriarch of the Lassiter clan, and her family. Take note of that because I’m sure it will pop up again. The day of the wedding (Chapter 28) it’s Leah’s turn to show that she is going to fit right in with the Lassiters. I’ll allow you to discover why. The girl does not play! The wedding is the highlight of the story, and the description of the wedding and reception is everything! The Epilogue marks the intimate moments for Matt and Leah to present their wedding gifts to each other, and to solidify that theirs will be one big family affair for years to come.*Sigh*

is an entertaining, provocative, and engrossing story that will capture you from the first page to the last. I highly recommend it. No one tells a story like Iris Bolling. She pulls no punches whether it comes to love scenes or showing folks what happens when they come after a Lassiter. It all makes for wonderful reading. I also recommend that you at least read the Gems and Gents series, and then Books 1 and 2 of the Lassiter Weddings to get the full essence of the world of the Lassiters. You can thank me later!

1st November 2022 |