Review: A Delicious Dilemma
Harlequin Special Edition
September 2021
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Diertra Thomas | RATING: B+
REVIEW: Val Navarro wants nothing more than to make sure she saves her family restaurant from the developers taking over her neighborhood. However, she meets and has a fantastic night with the one man that could potently ruin her life forever, Philip

A DELICIOUS DILEMMA was supposed to be an enemy to lovers, it really was far from it for me. There was no real hate in this book other than that our heroine, Val is more at war with the Wagner Development because of what they are trying to do to the neighborhood where she works and lives than in her relationship with Philip.

Ms. Taino does an amazing job with details from the charters to the East Ward neighborhood. Val and Philip are both sweethearts and that makes this book even extra sweeter. If I visited New York, I would seriously take a trip to the East Ward and eat at the Navarro restaurant. Maybe, even, see a real-life Val working hard. Of course, all the Spanish words and meanings will last me a lifetime and the desire to want to try the food Ms. Taino described. 

The dialogue advances the plot, but a lot of the book is filled with details; mostly of what is or was going on, and or the main character’s inner thoughts. Ms. Taino gives us dual points of view; however, this book is really about Val. Even though Philip has his own issues, the focus is mainly on Val’s trust issues and judgment.

To sum it up if you’re looking for a book to get started in the romance world,
A DELICIOUS DILEMMA would be it. It’s not too much, doesn’t leave you with a cliffhanger and has just the right amount of spice. It’s a great wholesome story about a young woman standing up for what she believes in and finding love along the way. I recommend this debut release by Sara Tenio.

11th November 2021 |