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Feature - Edwina Martin-Arnold
Favorite Food:
  Ribeye Steak - Medium Well
Favorite Movie:  Sparkle (With Irene Cara)
Favorite Place to Travel:  Paris, France
Favorite TV Show:  L Word - the original.  I loved all the drama.
Favorite Artist:  Syleena Johnson


What made you become a writer? I loved to read.  When I had to write in English class, I feel in love with being able to create a picture, a story with words.

In which genre(s) do you write? Which genre do you prefer and why? I write Romance and Romantic Suspense - I love writing about Black women in love.

Describe a typical day for Edwina, the writer? No day is typical.  I usually think a lot about the love story, and I write when I can.  I write after work, on planes, squeeze it in on weekends, and while I’m waiting for my games to start.

What do you like to do when you want to relax? I read. I coach basketball at a high school and a club team. Also, I love to hike.  I live in Washington state, and our landscape is simply beautiful.  I love to explore by walking and hiking.


Tell us about VANILLA CHOCOLATE.  It’s my first Interracial.  It was a joy to write, and I often found myself chuckling.  Basically, what appears to be a one night stand is so much more. The question becomes will the main character, Andrea Flaven, release her pre-conceived notions and give love a try, or will she stay within her comfort zone and reduce her interaction with Marceau LeBlanc to an interesting anecdote!

VANILLA CHOCOLATE is your first book in years, so we say, ‘Welcome Back”. Would was the reason for you long hiatus? Thank you!  Well, the Lord giveth and Lord taketh away.  I made it to Harlequin with HOUSE GUEST, but my sister was dying when I got the news.  My sister, Paula, was one of my biggest supports.  She loved the book, HOUSE GUEST.  She was thrilled when I told her Harlequin was publishing it.  She didn’t live long enough to see it published.  In fact, the cover of House Guest looks just like my sister, and I had no input on the cover.  It was her looking down from Heaven in approval.  After she passed, I cried every time I thought about writing, so eventually I stopped.  She passed in 2005.  In 2019, I got the urge again.  I begin dreaming about my sister frequently.  I think it was her saying get over it and start writing again.  When I sat down to write, it felt right and good.  I published TWICE TEMPTED in 2019.  It’s the sequel to HOUSE GUEST.  Then, I wrote VANILLA CHOCOLATE.

How have you changed as a writer since that first book?  Well, I understand Point of View or POV a lot better.  My first book, I was switching POV in the same paragraph!  Also, I have much more confidence and thicker skin.  Constructive criticism is much easier to take.

Which of your books would you recommend to readers not familiar with your work and why?  CHOCOLATE FRIDAY, the prequel to VANILLA CHOCOLATE.  The book is hot. Olivia Anderson is a sexual innocent and the reader gets to go on a wonderful journey with her.

What do you see as your greatest accomplishment as an author? The fact that I continue to write.  I am more confident, but self doubt can be a killer.

How do you feel about the state of the romance industry; in particular, the treatment of authors of color? I have never felt welcome at national RWA.  I went to their conferences from 2001 to 2004.  Currently, I have found a local chapter where I feel welcome. As far as publishers, I don’t really deal with them anymore.  I have creative control self publishing.  I make more money, and it is very easy.  In my view, I have made it to the top of the world in the romantic publishing industry.  Thus, I don’t need a publisher to legitimize me.  I have to admit, I am lonely.  Not many write Black romance in Seattle.  I would love to connect with authors who write the same genre as me.

What’s next for Edwina? More Interracial romances.  I had such a kick writing VANILLA CHOCOLATE.  I am working on the 3rd book in the series.


If there was one thing you could tell your readers what would it be?  I love writing about Black women falling in love. Come take a journey with me.

What advice would you give an aspiring author?  You have to read to write.  Also, keep writing.  Don’t give into doubt and keep writing.  It feels like you’re on top of the world when you finish a project.

How can readers reach you? My name is the key!


Email: info@edwinamartinarnold.com

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Twitter: EdwinaMartinArnold1

Website:  EdwinaMartinArnold.com

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