Sharon Blount

"Of Coffee and Trey Songz..."
Feature - Sharon Blount


Favorite Food: Doubles - it's a Trinidadian dish that I love making. They are delicious.
Favorite Movie: Imitation of Life
Favorite TV Show: Golden Girls
Favorite Author: Eric Jerome Dickey
Favorite Song: I have two The Secret Garden by Barry White, Al B Sure, James Ingram, AL Deberge and Bottoms Up By Trey Songz

So how did you get the nickname Coffee Brat?

I'm grouchy without my first cup of coffee. Everyone knows not to talk to me until I have had that first cup. An ex associate of mine said, “Girl, you are a coffee brat. I loved it so much I ran with it. I'm all about trying to turn a negative thing or situation into a positive. That was something I definitely wanted to do with that nickname.

Your crush on Trey Songz is well known. So, give me the scoop. 😊

Trey Songz, what can I say? He is a beautiful human being. He's my boyfriend; he just doesn't realize it yet. People have gotten a kick out of my crush on him.  So much so that they will tag me in anything about him or inbox me pictures or articles about him, and I love it. Who knew that me having a crush on a celebrity would lead to great ideas for stories and laughter. I play his music all the time; it inspires me to write. I have a few books in the works with him in mind. The title to one book I'm working on is, FOR THE LOVE OF TREY. Honestly, I have always enjoyed his music since he came out in 2005. By the way, he has a new album out called “Back Home.” It's fire. If you like R&B music, check it out.


What made you become a writer?

Honestly, I've always wanted to write. When I was in elementary school, I used to write short stories all the time. My mom would ask, “Sharon, where in the world did you come up with these stories?” I would say, “God told me to say it. Believe me, my mom used to look at me funny. As I got older, I lost confidence in myself to do it. It wasn't until a few years ago that I found my voice and courage to write again.

I am sure you have been asked this before. Why romance?

Answer : I write romantic comedy that is very much inspired by the late Author Adrianne Byrd. I love the idea of happily ever after and Black love, especially showing black men in positive ways. I love making people laugh because life is hard enough. I want to bring joy to readers once they are done with any of my books.

Do you have a day job or are you a full-time writer?

I'm a full time mother first. I have a son who has autism. I write full time and create book covers. I'm doing what I love to do. It’s not making me rich money wise, but it's giving me the opportunity to stay home with my son and live out a dream of mine of becoming a published author and a business owner.

Describe a typical day for Sharon, the writer?

Sheesh, a typical day. You sure? Honestly, even if I don't write every day because of mommy duties, I write ideas down every single day or scenes I have in my head before I forget. I try to learn something each day about becoming a better writer.

What do you like to do when you want to relax?
Answer: I love listening to music, especially Trey Songz. I love being creative by designing book covers and doing crossword puzzles.


Tell us a bit about WHERE THE HEART IS.

It's a collection of two short stories on couples that live in Java City. That's the name of the city I came up with from my first book ESPRESSO SERVED WITH LOVE. In one of the stories, it’s a friends to lovers concept with a few twists to it. I also introduced new characters for a new series that I am working on called the NEVERSON GENTLEMAN. The name comes from my bae, Trey Songz. His real name is Tremaine Neverson. Honestly, I'm always trying to find ways to bring Trey into my stories and make things fun for me. The other story is about  high school sweethearts who fight through the hard times in their marriage. I take you on a journey with them. It definitely lets you know black love matters and conquers all. I bring the laughs in both stories.

What inspired you to write this book?

Honestly, I had all these characters that I needed to get out. I had to stop writing the follow up book to ESPRESSO SERVED WITH LOVE to get this one out in time. They were yelling  for me to get to writing these stories. One thing I've learned is to always go with my writing muse.

You are a relatively new author. How have you changed as a writer since that first book?

Being comfortable and confident with my writing style and what I love writing. I was hesitant about it with my first book. I love writing Romantic Comedy. Everyone isn't going to like it. I've learned to be okay with that because I enjoy what I write.

Tell is about B.R.A.B. Why did you created the book club and why do you think it has been so appealing to readers?

Originally, I started
Building Relationships Around Books (B.R.A.B.) for short because I read so many books and had no one to talk about them with. As the group grew, so did my ideas with making it a safe place for new and veteran authors to highlight their talents and books. I don't have any idea why it's been so appealing to so many. When I first started the online group, I was doing things that nobody else was doing like birthdays, activities, and talking about any and everything including tough times and other subject matters as well. I realized that we had to address all things that mattered to us. I wanted to make it like a family.

What’s next for Sharon?

I have some great things I'm working on. I'm currently writing my follow up to ESPRESSO SERVED WITH LOVE called MOCHA KISSES. I'm so excited about this one. My goal is to release two full length books and two novellas this year. THE NEIGHBORS KNOW MY NAME and FOR THE LOVE OF TREY, and two more untitled at the moment.

I am also working on bringing back my book event, A Reading Warriors Retreat in 2022. This is something that I thought I was done with doing. When this pandemic hit us all and I had it and almost died from it, I realized that I can't allow myself not to continue to do something I love doing over ignorance. Life is too short to not do the things  you love doing. God definitely makes you see things in a different way to guide you back to something that brings you joy. I truly feel like my life work is anything that is book related. It makes me happy.


If there was one thing you could tell your readers what would it be?

Keep reading, supporting authors, and if you can, leave a review for the books you are reading, even if it's one sentence or contacting them about their books.  It's the small things like that which brings happiness to authors.

What advice would you give an aspiring author?

Keep writing and never give up. Even if it’s only two sentences a day, it adds up. I know it's not easy, but nothing in life that's rewarding is.

How can readers reach you?

BRAB: Building Relationships Around Books. On Facebook.
Facebook: Author Sharon Blount
Twitter: coffeebratt
Instagram: COFFEE_BRAT

Thank you so much for this opportunity. I enjoyed myself