Best of 2022

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Shelly Ellis

Synithia Williams

Niama Simone
After losing her job and finance, Vanessa Steele travels to her grandmother’s house to heal. When she arrives, she finds her grandmother has enlisted three handsome ghosthunters, the Livingston brothers, to investigate her house for her late husband’s presence. Vanessa is convinced the brothers are taking advantage of her sweet grandmother, and she’s not having it. Vanessa butt heads with Dion Livingston, and sparks fly whenever they encounter each other. Realizing a strong attraction exists between them, Vanessa and Dion decide to have a fling until she leaves town. But of course, the best-laid plans rarely end as you would expect. READ REVIEW HERE.
Cyrus had a good thing going to his way of thinking for a while. Three wives, three different personalities, and three households. The one thing the women had in common was their love for a charming criminal. When things start to unravel, and the wives find out about each other, Cyrus can’t understand their hurt feelings. Instead, they should be grateful for the living he provides for them. In his perverse mind, he can’t understand that betrayal cuts deep. But when he is shot, he has time to rethink his position. READ REVIEW HERE.
Owen and Leontyne, aka Leo, are lost in their own private pain. Owen is in Rose Bend to hide his scarred face after an accident and decide his future in the NFL. He feels it’s easy to lose himself in a small town. But Rose Bend is home to Leo. She suffered a terrible loss years ago and suffered in silence. The more interactions Owen and Leo have, the more they start to heal, unbeknown to them. Seeing their characters heal each other and open their hearts to love again was beautiful. READ THE REVIEW HERE.