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⮚ Favorite Food: Ooh, it’s a toss up between French fries and chicken.

⮚ Favorite Movie: Transformers.

⮚ Favorite TV Show: Chopped and the “House Hunters” franchise.

⮚ Favorite Author: I have a loooong list of my Favorite authors. I could never narrow it down, but they include: Ms. Bev, Sheryl Lister, Farrah Rochon, Sherelle Green, Elle Wright, Caroyln Hector, Alexandria House, Love Belvin, Tiye Love, Nicole Falls, Donna Hill, Brenda Jackson, Angela Seals, and Christina C. Jones.

⮚ Favorite Song: Currently “Scared to Live” by The Weeknd. It’s gotten me through some trying times.

⮚ Favorite Book:  Too many to name. We’d be here all night.


⮚ What made you become a writer?

When I was about thirteen, I received a box of Harlequin and Silhouette romance novels from my mother. A friend gave them to her. The authors and characters weren’t Black. At the time, I didn’t know there were Black romance authors writing for these companies, and wanted to be the first. Then it became me just wanting to tell stories. I enjoyed creating characters, places, and scenarios, and had to get it all out of my head. Having friends and classmates who were able to read fan fictions and short stories I’d wrote encourage me, helped as well.

⮚ What is the most difficult thing about the writing process and what is the easiest?

The most difficult aspect of the writing process, for me, is editing. I recognize the importance of it, but I dread having to do it. The easiest would be writing without regards. (Meaning just getting the words down without worrying about how people will like them.)

⮚ Plotter or pantser?

Plantser. I haven’t mastered detailed outlines and scene breakdowns. I’ll envision scenes in my head down to the most miniscule detail, know where it needs to go, then allow my characters to guide me there.

⮚ Describe a typical day for Kimmie, the writer?

Recently, what would’ve been a typical day of writing as much as I could, changed with the newest addition to my family, my nephew. Now, I divide my time between keeping a smile on his face and writing, and since I don’t have any deadlines looming, I’m able to “relax write.” Get as many words down as I can without worrying and stressing.


⮚ Tell us a bit about HER FOREVER FLING.

Where to begin? This story is near and dear to my heart not only because this is my first full-length release, but the journey of this story from conception to completion was A LOT. During the writing process, I lost two of my biggest supporters: my mother and maternal grandmother.

I can relate to this story so much because it’s about stepping outside your comfort zone, making memories that last a lifetime, being true to yourself, and living life to the fullest.

After a breakup, Melissa Gaines finds herself in a rut. She has become scared to live and love. Insert Dr. Elijah Grayson. He wants to show Melissa there’s more to life than just existing; even if only for a week, as they originally planned. However, life has a way of creating detours in one’s journey, and forces Melissa and Elijah together once again. It’s one thing to reunite with your island lover in a new city, but it’s a whole new experience having to work together.

⮚ HER FOREVER FLING is your first full length book, but you have published before. Tell us about that project?

Stuck With You was featured in HATE TO LOVE YOU: Short Story Collection published by Rose Gold Press in October 2020, and its premise is one of my favorite troupes, enemies-to-lovers. Rival event planners, Gianna Johnson and Landon Wilson are asked to work and live together while planning a secret celebrity wedding in ten days. Not only do tempers flair with these two, but so does their undeniable attraction for one another.

⮚ What’s next for Kimmie?

There are a couple WIPs that need my attention, as well as some editing that needs to be done. I hope to try my hand at self-publishing, but that’s an arena I’m not quite ready to play in.


⮚ If there was one thing you could tell your readers about Kimmie, the person, what would it be?

Like Erykah Badu said, “I’m an artist, and I’m sensitive about my…,” but, I’m human. I’m painfully shy, but easy to get along with. I love hard, tend to be goofy, and I’m awkward!

⮚ What advice would you give an aspiring author?

No one can write YOUR story but you. You’ll get discouraged, feel run-down, but don’t stop writing.

Also, remember this is a small business. You’ll have to invest in your brand, and honestly, it is NOT cheap. But if you truly love what you do, it’s worth it.

⮚ How can readers reach you?




Twitter: @KimmieFerrell


Kimmie, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to do this interview.