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Favorite Food: This changes literally by the week, but at the moment it’s probably Tortuga Rum Cake. So many flavors and they’re all amazing. Yum yum.

Favorite Movie: Sabrina (the 50s version)

Favorite TV Show: Frasier or Mad Men

Favorite Author:
Too many! Edith Wharton, PG Wodehouse, Chinua Achebe, Louisa May Alcott.

Favorite Song:
Again, changes by the week! Right now I’ve got Eartha Kitt’s “C'est Si Bon,” on repeat. Also, anything by the Temptations before Daivd Ruffin’s exit, and Amy Winehouse.

Favorite Book:
I love John Steptoe’s ‘Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters.’ I’ve always been a sucker for a Cinderella story


** What made you become a writer?

Necessity, I think. I grew up in a loving environment but it was very religious and very sheltered. I didn’t have a lot of the same experiences other children and teens did, and reading was my major outlet and escape. As it does for many people, a love for books blossomed into creating my own stories.

** I am sure you have been asked this before. Why romance?

Romance is so transformative, and it’s such an escape. You have someone who’s broken or damaged for some reason; and by the end, there’s healing and restoration, and so much hope. I love seeing characters get to the point where they find the courage to let somebody else in. That to me is what makes the happily-ever-after, that transformation. It’s so triumphant and uplifting to watch love win over any situation.

I also feel so privileged to come into romance in this time when there’s such a wealth of diversity and writers representing their experiences. So many have blazed a trail before me. I remember being so upset when the Kimani line ended- I was such a fan of that series! I dreamed of writing for them. But the beautiful stories coming out of Harlequin’s current lines along with indie and other publishers that are so representative of authors and their communities are long overdue, and so wonderful to read and see.

** Describe a typical day for Jadesola.

Oh dear, I hate to disappoint with how boring my typical day is. If I’m not working, I usually get up early to write. I have two little ones and that’s the only time I can get uninterrupted quiet. Even in these COVID times I do try to get outside at least once a day; a walk around the block, a quick trip to a shop. I’ll usually stream an episode of something at some point - right now I’m watching Sex & the City- and read in the evenings. However, in my head, I do a lot of dreaming all day, so that’s much more exciting. :)

** What do you enjoy doing when you are not writing?

Travel, arts/crafts (I knit, and have recently started painting.) I read. I also enjoy music. I miss going out to dance and summer parties.


** Tell us a bit about THE SWEETEST CHARADE.

It’s an opposites attract, fake dating, forced proximity romance between a social media influencer and a history professor. Delysia, the heroine, mistakenly tags Dr. Alexander Abbott-Hill in a racy photo on Instagram, and her eagle-eyed followers assume they’re an item. They take advantage of the mistake to raise both their profiles (he’s trying to become more relevant to his students and draw attention to his research; and for her, aligning with his old-money name is a draw.) They land an endorsement that puts them on a luxury train journey up the East Coast.

Readers get to travel with Delysia and Alexander to New York, Boston, Philadelphia and finally, Dubai- and watch them connect as their journey progresses. It’s a story about a charade, but it’s also a story about shedding their public personas, and falling in love because of it.

** What inspired you to write this book?

I wanted to write something in the spirit of those very glamorous old-fashioned rom-coms I love, but in a modern setting. One of the Carina Press editors had put out a call a year or so ago on their wish list for a story that takes place on a luxury train, and that sparked the idea.

I also wanted to write something with a couple who come from vastly different experiences and backgrounds, and explore how that affects their relationship. You’ve got Alexander, who is a very old-money elite Black American, and Delysia, who’s a first-generation Eritrean woman who grew up in the Middle East. Part of the beauty of the Black community is the diversity of experience within us. Our stories are as varied, as rich and as beautiful as the different hues of our skin.

** I could ask you what is next for Jadesola, but I know about REDEEMED BY HIS NEW YORK CINDERELLA. I am excited about this historic release in the Harlequin Presents line. Give us the scoop.

This warms my heart to hear! I’m so very excited about this release as well and had such a good time writing it, and the cover is stunning. I was so pleased. I’ve received so many messages of love and support from readers even at this early stage and I’m so grateful and hope they all enjoy the story.

The book is a Cinderella tale with a modern twist. Kitty Asare and Laurence Stone come from two vastly different worlds, but have a shared childhood experience that brings them back together; and in true Presents fashion, Laurence has a secret that might rip their burgeoning relationship apart. The book keeps with the glamorous billionaire trope that’s the backbone of most Presents novels, but touches a bit on themes of immigration, identity and found family. There’s a lot of dramatic, sexy, opulent fun (it is a Presents, after all!) I grew up reading Harlequin Presents so writing for them now seems like a dream.


** If there was one thing you could tell your readers about Jadesola, the person, what would it be?

That I adore you all and am so thankful for your support. Please keep reading! :)

** What advice would you give an aspiring author?

You are your work’s first and most ardent fan. Love it, cherish it, defend it, stay true to the stories you want to write, and be diligent at improving your craft. Sometimes your vision might manifest a little differently than you had it in your head, and that’s okay!

** How can readers reach you?

Please, do reach out! I love hearing from the community.

** How can readers reach you?

Please, do reach out! I love hearing from the community.

Email: jadesolajamesauthor@gmail.com

Thanks, Jadesola, for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us!