Review: Rory
RORY: The Lyrical Genius - J. L. Campbell

Life & Music (Book #1)

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Brenda Larnell (A)

REVIEW: Talented writer, J.L. Campbell, utilizes the romance trope, opposites attract, and pens an entertaining story that involves Nasira Sawyers, a rather conservative event planner, who decided the life of a publicist was not for her, and Rory McGregg, a more outgoing Jamaican dance-hall deejay, owner of RLK Studios, also known to his adoring fans as the “Lyrics King”. When the story opens Rory is surrounded by adoring fans as he takes his seat on a plane that Nasira just happens to be boarding also. Not only that, but their seats are also next to each other.

During the flight, Rory engages a reluctant Nasira in a business venture with her event planning team. He is very persistent, and Nasira realizes that his business proposition is a boon for her business. Despite his outgoing personality and persuasive style, Nasira is determined to keep it strictly business. At each meeting, the assumptions that Nasira has about Rory and his lifestyle, slowly dissolve as she gets to know him. Rory is relentless in his efforts to change Nasira’s preconceived ideas about him. It’s a great look at a couple who overcome some relationship bumps because of their different lifestyles—presumed or real. When you read this engaging story, you’ll get it when Rory refers to Nasira as being “stuck-up”.

Caught up in the “back and forth” of Nasira and Rory’s liaison are Nasira’s business partner and her daughter, Zorra, and Rory’s associates that include his son, Jaxen. Everyone who is around Nasira and Rory comes to the conclusion that they are driving everyone crazy! However, I love how our couple resolves their issues by acknowledging what really matters. You’ll get that when you read the story.

I enjoyed this story and the Jamaican flavor that the author weaves throughout the storyline. If you’re looking for an engaging read that masterfully employs the “opposites attract” trope, then
RORY is the book for you. I recommend RORY for your reading pleasure.

1st June 2023 |