Review: We Are Family
WE ARE FAMILY - Chicki Brown
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March 2020
Mainstream Fiction
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW:  Creative author Chicki Brown is known for her book titles taken from popular R&B tunes. WE ARE FAMILY instantly brings to mind the popular song by the group, Sister Sledge, played at every Black family reunion. Meet the Ellis family, and their friends, whose story will hook you from the first page to the very last.

The patriarch and matriarch, Johnny and Savannah Ellis of Atlanta, Georgia have raised four children, while successfully owning and operating a hardware store that they are proud to leave as a legacy for their adult daughters to continue running after they retire and move to the Bahamas. Sounds like a plan, right? The storyline delves into the complexities and drama of a family who are in the throes of change, as it concentrates on the two adult daughters, Francine Ellis, single, and the number-crunching business sibling, and her sister Regine Perry, newly divorced, and the creative, artsy sister. There are two siblings left, the brothers, Kenny and Skip, who are not even considered to take over the family business. I’ll let you discover why. Kudos to author, Chicki Brown, for unhurriedly revealing the subtleties of this family that we can all relate to. The forty-something saved sisters take on major roles. Regine is on the verge of re-inventing her life after her second divorce, and Francine is discovering love for the first time.
WE ARE FAMILY is a compelling story that encompasses love, Christian beliefs, relationships, resiliency, and renewal.

Playing major roles in the lives of the sisters are their love interests, Jason Broussard (Francine) and Malcolm Churchill (Regine). These men are perfect compliments to the leading ladies of this story. The HEA centers around these two couples, and you are going to love it! I must mention the side characters who play instrumental roles in moving the storyline along from Johnny and Savannah Ellis, Bobby Earl, the hard-working store employee, to Charles Perry, Regine’s ex-spouse. It’s an impressive line-up of characters.

I enjoyed
WE ARE FAMILY, and I recommend it for your reading pleasure. It’s a well-developed story that epitomizes what family is all about.

19th March 2020 |