Review: The Worst Best Man
Harper Collins/Avon Books
February 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEW: The cover of Mia Sosa’s latest book, THE WORST BEST MAN, perfectly captures the theme of the book. There are some really good quotable moments throughout. When Max Hartley tells Carolina (Lina) Santos that her fiancé’ Andrew (and Max’s brother) is not coming to the wedding, Lina “wrestles with her tears and body slams them back into their ducts.” It seems that Lina, wedding planner and owner of Dotting the I Do’s, has been left at the altar.

A few years later, Lina is competing for a position with a very successful hotel group. The only problem is she has to work with Max, yes that Max, in order to get the position. Max Hartley is a marketing expert who works for his mother’s company, Atlas Communications. He is trying to get from under his brother Andrew’s shadow. Helping Lina with her presentation allows him to do just that. Will they be able to pull it off considering their past?

Lina definitely likes sweet revenge and hates Max for his role in her wedding not happening. There’s a funny scene where Lina is not totally honest about a spicy Brazilian dish that Max tries. Max’s mouth barely survives. Ms. Sosa includes a lot of information about Lina’s rich Brazilian history, family traditions and especially the cuisines.

Lina and Max end up in a situation where they are forced to spend a lot of time together and ultimately share their true feelings, among other things. Max inadvertently uncovers Lina’s insecurities and proves he knows her better than she realizes. An unintentional sexual innuendo by Max takes Lena’s mind to a point of no return and she realizes she is physically attracted to him. No matter how wrong their feelings are for each other, it’s still so right.

Ms. Sosa’s creative writing style results in a well thought out story with rich dialogue. She includes so many life lessons: Max can be successful on his own. Lina reinvented herself, despite past disappointment. Lina’s mother and aunts took the ultimate risk to migrate to the US and open a grocery story. Finally, Max and Andrew’s mother persevered to develop and run a business after her divorce.

The secondary characters include Lina’s high strung cousin and best friend, Natalia and her caring assistant Jaslene. There is also a lot of fun banter with her Mom and aunts. On Max’s side of things, his best friend Dean tries to keep him from going down the wrong road. He’s actually like a real Brother.
THE WORST BEST MANis a great read, and I highly recommend it.

20th March 2020 |