Review: The Way You Tempt Me
Kensington Books/Dafina
August 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEW: THE WAY YOU TEMPT ME is Book #1 of the Pure Talent Series and Ms. Wright starts it off with two of my favorite themes: Friends to Lovers with a sexy couple and a fun group of supporting characters. I was pleasantly surprised, but delighted, to see people from previous books as well.

Fans of Ms. Wright will remember Zara Reid as Christian Knight’s no-nonsense agent from The Closing Bid. She’s still making boss moves in a male dominated field and is on the Partner track at her firm. Xavier “X” Starks was a child actor and the first client at his father Jax’s firm, Pure Talent Agency. He’s the “heir-apparent” at the Agency and is ready to take on a greater leadership role.

Zara and X have known each other since childhood but are now in different cities and don’t interact as often. At the Starks’ annual holiday affair, Zara notices that X has definitely grown into his looks and is “fine as hell”. The “just friends” part of their relationship starts changing right before her eyes. Xavier’s intensity puts her in a trance that she has to be snapped out of.

Zara’s Partner promotion didn’t go as planned and she makes a move. Xavier is suddenly single due to an engagement that never happened. The pair are now in the same city, competing against each other at Pure Talent, and trying to figure out what’s going on between them. They know they have a problem when something as innocent as wiping chocolate from Zara’s lip has their friends raising their eyebrows at the whole interaction. After this and another steamy encounter, Zara and X finally acknowledge they have some serious chemistry. The key for Zara is to keep things low key until they figure things out.

THE WAY YOU TEMPT ME is a sexy romance with plenty of heat and comedic banter between friends and family. I burst out laughing a few times. There are also some moments that had me saying “awww” in my head. There’s some drama too with an ex and a fiancé. I really enjoyed THE WAY YOU TEMPT ME and the way Ms. Wright sets the stage for Book #2 in the series.

1st August 2020 |