Review: The Way You Hold Me
Kensington Books/Dafina
December 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEW:  THE WAY YOU HOLD ME by Elle Wright is Book #2 in the Pure Talent Series and fans are ready for Skye and Garrett’s story. Skye Palmer knows how to manage Pure Talent’s clients in any situation. Her latest client is popular actress, Paige Mills.  Garrett Steele, Skye’s ex, has a successful Crisis Management firm and is working with Paige Mills’ husband.

A family tragedy years ago forced Garrett into the father role for his younger sister and she became his priority. Skye has some animosity about the way her relationship ended with Garrett. Work with their respective clients, allows them to naturally reconnect. Garrett is patient with Skye and remembers little things about her, like how she likes her coffee, and her love of Star Wars and Harry Potter. She remains his first and only love.

Things are steamy between Skye and Garrett, but Ms. Wright allows them to take their time without rushing into something they aren’t ready for.
Garrett is reassuring and knows what to say to prevent Skype from running. He’s the perfect hero. Their need for “five minutes” with each other, that always takes longer, is their special language.

Ms. Wright explores real life issues. Skye is seeing a therapist to work through how she handles things in her life and Ms. Wright did her research to ensure the interactions are authentic. The first assignment is for Skye to not overthink things. She definitely gets an “A” and shares a special moment with Garrett on New Year’s Eve. Garrett is also dealing with situations in his life that scarred him and also shaped him into the man he is. Skye and Garrett work on becoming a better version of themselves, in order to have an even stronger bond.

I’ve come to expect updates on strong supporting characters
in Ms. Wright’s books. Zara and X are still as cute as ever. Garrett is at a point in his relationship with his sister, Max, where she provides as much advice as he does. Skye also realizes that she made a lasting impression on Max, all those years ago. There are plenty of “aww” moments, as the families come together for a special occasion. There is also a hilarious scene when one of the parents tries to play matchmaker. Let’s just say they won’t make that mistake again.

is a great continuation of the series and I highly recommend it.

1st December 2020 |