Review: The Swan
She Loves Words Publishing
April 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: I love this story! Talented author, Aja, presents a story that is relatable, sexy, and heartwarming. Meet Nova Bradford and Mikhail Luther who have history that goes back to their high school days. Ironically, they reunite on a class reunion cruise to the Caribbean that neither one is very excited about to attend.

Nova is a work in progress much like a work of art, and her name, as you will see, is so appropriate. Her high school years were not her best years to say the least, and Mikhail played a role in that negative experience. However, the reunion cruise offers the first pivotal scenes, insights, and moments that help the reader understand both Nova and Mikhail’s experiences while attending the same high school. This story is so much more than a modern-day version of the ‘ugly duckling theme’. In true Aja MO, the sultry, love-making sensual scenes between Nova and Mikhail will have you looking for something to cool off with.

The stand-out side characters include Debbie, Nova’s long-time friend and ironically Toya, Nova’s long-time nemesis. Toya is a piece of work, and she definitely gets the “Boo-Hiss Award”. Just as the story begins with a cruise, it also ends with a cruise that features a wonderful HEA.

There is a lot of story packed in
THE SWAN. It’s the first book that I read in the fourteen-book series sub-titled the Carnivale Chronicles. It is not a continuing series, so the books can be read in any order. It’s loaded with a number of talented authors who contribute to the series. What a great way to entertain yourself during the COVID-19 shelter-in place pandemic. THE SWAN is entertaining and engaging, and I recommend it. Enjoy!

29th March 2020 |