Review: The Seaside Café
THE SEASIDE CAFÉ - Rochelle Alers
Kensington Books/Dafina
May 2020
Women's Fiction
REVIEWER: Jennifer Copeland | RATING: A
REVIEW: THE SEASIDE CAFÉ by National Best-Selling Author Rochelle Alers is the first book in her new The Book Club Series. This book tells of three ladies that meet over the summer at The Seaside Café. You will meet Kayanna Johnson, Leah Kent, and Cherie Thompson. Each of the ladies is at Coates Island, North Carolina, for a different reason. I’m sure as we will hear more about Leah and Cherie as Ms. Alers continues with the series.

Kayanna Johnson meets the other two ladies at The Seaside Café that she runs with her brother Derrick. The café has been in their family for generations.  Kayanna has been back since her divorce from her husband. When Kayanna first meets Leah, they strike up a conversation and decide to create a book club over the summer. Leah invites Cherie to join them as well. The ladies get to know each other well. Kayanna also meets Graeme Ogden who has visited the island before during the summer.

When Graeme met Kayanna for the first time the previous summer, he was bewitched by her beauty and he decided to buy a home there on the island so that he could get to know her better. He is a retired math and economics teacher who also has a secret occupation. The chemistry between Kayanna and Graeme is sizzling. The pair start dating to see where it leads as Kayanna has no intentions of ever getting married again.

Will Kayanna and Graeme give in to the passion? Will the pair get their happy ending? Will Leah and Cherie work out their issues that are going on in their live? You will have to read
THE SEASIDE CAFÉ to find out!

I enjoyed reading
THE SEASIDE CAFÉ so much! I know when I read a book by Ms. Alers, I’m not going to put it down until I finish it. The storyline and plot worked well with the story. It flowed seamlessly and I felt like I was on Coates Island while I was reading the book. The romance scenes were written so beautifully that I could feel the passion in every word.

Make sure to grab a copy of
THE SEASIDE CAFÉ by Rochelle Alers. I know you will enjoy it as much as I did.

4th July 2020 |