Review: The Promise of a Kiss
THE PROMISE OF A KISS - Synithia Williams
HQN Books
January 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Susan Plummer | RATING: B
REVIEW: Two people who work well together decide to test the boundaries of their relationship but once the heart gets involved, the familiar soon feels less certain.
Dominic Ferrell is a pro at problem-solving for politicians who hire him as a “Fixer.” Unfortunately, his business discernment does not seem to transfer to his personal life as Dominic’s ex ran off with his heart as well as the savings in his bank accounts. Now he fears his personal failure will go public. Who would want to hire a fleeced fixer? Dominic’s most recent assignment is just the distraction he needs, and the payout will close the gap from financial ruin to landing on solid ground once more. Jeanette owns her own successful PI agency and Dominic frequently uses her services. Dominic recruits her assistance with his latest case, but they immediately face an impasse as Jeanette believes the woman they want to locate, is innocent. They set out to find her and to prove each other wrong. Along the way, they soon discover they might be right for each other. Unfortunately, with their past relationship baggage, old wounds reopen, and Dominic lashes out at Jeanette after she triggers a deja vu moment. Now they risk losing their professional as well as personal relationship.
THE PROMISE OF A KISS is a fun, quick read with a fairly straight-forward plot. The story unfolds very quickly at a smooth and easy pace to follow.  Myrtle Beach, SC provides beautiful backdrop.
Dominic is a strong guy with a soft heart which nearly leads to his demise.  Jeanette escaped her most recent relationship with less scabs than Dominic but with a clear idea of what she wants in her next. Both characters are three-dimensional with an interesting backstory that frames their actions as the story progresses.
Jeanette is very frank and outspoken with Dominic and comfortable sharing her feelings. Dominic on the other hand is a bit more reserved.  Yet, when faced with losing Jeanette, he steps up to the plate with quite a bit to share and express.
THE PROMISE OF A KISS best describes the smoldering awareness Dominic and Jeannette share before finally expressing their mutual feelings. Williams has other novels with more detailed and beefier plots, such as A NEW YORK KIND OF LOVE or FULL COURT SEDUCTION, to name a few. Overall, this novella is a perfect companion for a long car ride or flight. 
23rd Feburary 2020 |