Review: The Point of It All
THE POINT OF IT ALL - Christine C. Jones
Warm Hues Creative
February 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEW: The synopsis of THE POINT OF IT ALL is just one sentence. I had to dig in and let the story unfold. Eva James is at a point in her life where she is living strictly for herself, working on a bucket list of sorts. Even still, she’s almost shocked that she bought a winery called Honey Branch.  While pondering the thought, a very handsome man grabs her attention. She has his as well. Luke Freeman is his name. What’s his story? Eva soon finds out that Luke’s Grandmother owned the winery before her death and the story goes from there.

Eva is an open book and shares a lot with Luke pretty quickly. She’s forward, so there is a bit of a role reversal. She says what’s on her mind, including some things that had me raising my eyebrows. Luke is more reserved and likes to take his time with things. His layers need to be pulled back. It feels like Eva and Luke know each other better than they do. Luke knows the right thing to do to meet her needs as a friend and lover.

Eva’s decisions about her health are directly related to the impact of watching people very important to her suffer. Based on losses Luke has experienced over the years, he has a lot of regret. Being involved with Honey Branch makes him happy with the right now, and he doesn’t focus as much on the future or Eva’s health. At some point, that is no longer enough.
THE POINT OF IT ALL tackles real issues, like how people deal with medical issues in their own way. Everyone around them wants what’s best for them, but don’t always know how to express it.

Eva and her ex-husband Leon are very close. Ms. Jones explores their relationships from a totally different perspective. Despite the reasons for the divorce, he is very likable. I must say, when Leon and Luke meet each other it is downright hilarious.

The story is rounded out by a good group of friends. I could see myself talking to one of my girlfriends like Eva and Justine. Ms. Jones always writes unique stories from different perspectives. I didn’t know much about the plot when it started, but it was a great book to dig into.

1st June 2020 |