Review: The Lure of Love
THE LURE OF LOVE - Iris Bolling
Siri Austin Entertaiment
August 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: Prolific writer, Iris Bolling regales us with a surprise story before the “Ta-Da” finale of the famed Heart Series. This story features Alexis “Lexi” Harrison, a member of the famed Harrison family of earlier stories, and Brandon “BJ” Jamison, a professional baseball player.

You will be drawn into this story from the first chapter. Ms Bolling is known to bring the drama, and
THE LURE OF LOVE does not disappoint. BJ is caught up in a publicity nightmare that continues to ferment and fester as the story evolves. Ironically, his drama-filled life leads him to Lexi and her young son. On the other hand, Lexi is navigating through a sea of family stress spearheaded by her mother, Lillian. Lexi and BJ’s love journey begins with a punch, literally. You’ll get that when you read the story. I like the family dynamics in this story with all of its complexities. Usually, Ms Bolling’s stories come with a dead body or two, but this story is different. While there are no physical murders, (I can count at least three characters that deserve to be put out of their misery) the slaying of self-esteem and reputations is plentiful. I love the scene when Lexi is taken to school and receives a lesson on the “undermining effect of “LURE” and the power of love.

There are some major side characters from the Brooks and Harrison families who contribute greatly to the intrigue and the development of the main characters.  One character in particular who stands out is Lexi’s mother, Lillian. She is a piece of work as you will discover. I love the HEA!

THE LURE OF LOVE is an unexpected treat as fans await the final book of the Heart Series. I recommend this story, because although unexpected, it is a wonderful read that provides more insight into the prominent Harrison and Brooks’ families. One side note, you can only purchase it from the author’s website, <>. Enjoy!

6th August 2020 |