Review: The Butterscotch Bride
Independently Published
December 2020
Historical Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell  RATING: A
REVIEW: Talented author Parker J Cole has penned an Historical Romance that is set in  Pre-Civil War Alabama on Sage Hall Plantation. The reader is immediately introduced to Lydia Pennington and Permelia, the heroine and Lydia’s “favorite”. As you read farther, you will discover that Lydia and Permelia have a relationship that is quite unusual. I won’t go into detail, but I will say that Ms. Cole hits on one of the peculiarities of the institution of slavery that helps to make this a compelling story.

While Lydia and Permelia’s relationship is atypical, it is not the only connection that the author examines in the story. In most slave narratives, the master-slave exchange is cruel, antagonistic, and hateful. However,
THE BUTTERSCOTCH BRIDE, presents the reader with a different outlook on the master-slave dynamic. Kudos to the author for this thought-provoking and gripping theme that runs throughout the story. The Master of Sage Hall Plantation, Leonidas Sage, is a benevolent slave master; an oxymoron indeed! The affect it has on the enslaved Black people of the plantation is one of the plot points that contribute to the appeal of this story. Does being a paternalistic, kindly slave owner make you a better slave owner, or any less of a slave owner?  Is there still a deep yearning for freedom in the hearts and minds of those who are enslaved? No spoilers. I’ll allow you to discover how Horace, the male protagonist, and the minor characters, slave and free, handle this intriguing aspect of the story.

Speaking of the minor characters, they all contribute to the intrigue and development of the main characters. The reveal of a long-kept family secret is a turning point in the story. The Best Dying Confession Award goes to Blanche Pennington. The Stand-Out Minor Character Award goes to Alistair, the outspoken Black Englishman married to Leonidas’ sister. Horace and Permelia’s HEA is sweet, fulfilling and satisfying! You’ll get that when you read the story.

I enjoyed this entertaining and enlightening story. I recommend
THE BUTTERSCOTCH BRIDE for your reading pleasure

11th December 2020 |