Review: The Bennetts' Wedding
Madaris Publishing
February 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Jennifer Copeland | RATING: A
REVIEW: THE BENNETTS’ WEDDING by best-selling author Brenda Jackson is a fantastic book! This is the 5th book in her popular The Bennett’s Family Series. THE BENNETTS’ WEDDING is actually two stories in one. Mrs. Jackson is telling the stories of the four cousins: Kennedy, Victoria, Monica and Sebrina. In this book, first up are the stories of Kennedy and Victoria.

Kennedy Bennett is a Marketing Analyst and Haddison Bracen Wolf is an Undercover FBI Agent. The pair first meets while Haddison is undercover at the bank that Kennedy is at posing as a bank robber. Haddison saves her life when the other two robbers wreck the car, they were in. The pair shares a passionate kiss. Kennedy and Haddison meet again six months later when Haddison takes the job as Head of Security. When Kennedy bumps into Haddison again, the chemistry between the pair is spontaneous. Will the pair give in to their passion? Will the pair get their happy ever after? You will have to read the book to find out!

Victoria Bennett is the CEO of her family’s business and Cortez is an Attorney at his cousin’s law firm. The pair first meets in Paris when they were younger. Victoria and Cortez spend an unforgettable night together. Some years later they meet again to find out that their family are married to each. Victoria and Cortez have a meeting to discuss what happened that night in Paris between them. he chemistry is still flaming hot between them. Cortez has a proposition for Victoria to spend two nights in Paris. Will Victoria go to Paris with Cortez? Will the pair give in to their passion? Will Victoria and Cortez get their happy ever after? You will have to read the book to find out.

Mrs. Jackson shows us in
THE BENNETTS’ WEDDING one chance meeting can change your life. She also shows us the power of love and that true love still exists. This book is written beautifully as always by this amazing author. There is plenty of romance and the story flowed seamlessly. It was fantastic to catch with the characters from the previous books.

Make sure to grab your copy of
THE BENNETTS’ WEDDING by Brenda Jackson! It is definitely worth the wait.

30th April 2020 |