Review: Five Minute Moments
Artistry Publishing
December 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell  RATING:  A
REVIEW:  If Myles Donovan’s and Gemma Taylor’s names sound familiar, it is because both of them appeared in a novella, ONE CHRISTMAS SONG written by the incomparable AC Arthur. Well, a year has passed since their first encounter, and Myles and Gemma are bringing in the new year together in this delightful quick read. I love it when an author revisits her characters. It’s like meeting  old friends and learning what they have been up to. When the story opens, Myles and Taylor have planned a rendezvous in Temptation, Virginia, at Myles’ cabin. After a steamy and sexy greeting that begins at the door, and ends in the bedroom, the couple come to an agreement that it was a wonderful six minutes of loving. Now, that’s an opening scene!

Myles and Gemma are “involved” in a secret no-commitment relationship that they manage via texts and calls. It’s more like an “updated version of a booty call”. Whatever you call it, Gemma is not a happy camper with their arrangement. A year and four hook-ups later, she’s determined to let Myles know exactly how she feels. What happens during their time at the cabin is the heart and soul of this story. Both Myles and Taylor are members of prominent families, and we discover just how much growing up in high profile families  have influenced them as adults. I love Myles and Gemma’s chemistry. They are so good together.  However, while Myles is completely taken with Gemma, he is not into the usual dating rituals. He likes their arrangement and hopes to continue it in the new year. So, Houston, we have a problem. No spoilers. I’ll allow you to discover how the couple resolves their dilemma.

SIX MORE MINUTES is an entertaining and engaging read. AC Arthur is a master storyteller, and I enjoyed Myles and Gemma’s story. It’s a worthy addition to the New Year Bae-Solutions Series, and I recommend it. Happy reading!

1st January 2021 |