Review: Six
SIX - D Camille
Sable SiStars Publishing
August 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A+
REVIEW:  SIX is here! The epic conclusion to the Heirs Series begins with the eminent threat of war. It is up to Six, the sixth generation of Sun Gods, African royalty, to take control and assure a victorious outcome for his African village and the future of the culture. He is not alone, however. To assist him in this quest are the inimitable Heirs, highly trained sons and daughters (along with their spouses) of the Black Diamonds who started it all. Ray Parker, VI, the leader of the Heirs, and his “Moon”, Lace Atumi, are front and center in this cultural showdown.

There are numerous plots points that author D Camille utilizes to skillfully present a powerful page-turner of a story. From the revelation of Lace’s true identity, uncovering and “handling” the forces who threaten the culture and African villages, the importance of controlling the narrative, the love and romantic element between the hero and heroine, to the future of the Heirs, all come together to produce a series of events that propels this story to another level.

As I mentioned before, this book marks the conclusion of the last, certainly not the least, story of the sons and daughters of the Black Diamonds. This may not resonate with you if you are not familiar with the continuing stories of this particular series, or that of the
Black Diamonds, the Uncut Diamonds, or the Blackman Saga. You can read SIX as a stand-alone, but you will not fully understand the “why” and “what for” that each character brings to the proverbial table since they are all linked to earlier series.

Everybody shows up in this final story, and they are a force to be reckoned with. The plan that Six devises to handle their enemies is masterfully played out by the men and women of the Black, Jackson and Parker families who do it for the culture.The HEA is the! Plus, there’s more. I’ll just leave that right here and allow you to discover who is next in line for a story.

I highly recommend
SIX for your reading pleasure. It’s a highly anticipated culmination to this eight book series. I was not disappointed, and you will not be either. So, grab a copy and enjoy. You can thank me later!

5th August 2020 |
Award Of Excellence