Review: Shu
SHU - Alexandria House
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February 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Jennifer Copeland | RATING: A
REVIEW: SHU by best-selling author, Alexandria House, is a fantastic and outstanding book. To me, this book, the 3rd book in Them Boys Series, is the most emotional one. I recommend that you read SET and JAH, which are Books #1 and #2 of the series. SHU tells the love story of Denver Hayes and Shu Mitchell.  Denver is a CNA Nurse Tech at the nursing that Shu’s father is in. Shu works at DonCo and is an Army Vet. Denver and Shu have emotional issues that are going in their lives that they are working on overcoming.

Denver is working hard at the nursing home trying to save up so that she can move from her cousin’s apartment. Denver has had a rough time in her life, and she has overcome something that happened when she was younger. Shu is working hard to overcome how bad his father Omar has treated him and his brothers. He fights the urge every night to cause harm to his father.

Denver and Shu first meet when Denver comes into Shu’s father room at the nursing home to provide care. Instantly, Denver and Shu are attracted to each other. You can feel the attraction and the heat that the pair has for each other. Shu doesn’t know how or why he is attracted to Denver as she is younger than him. Denver feels the same way being that Shu is older than her and she’s normally not attracted to older men. Will Denver and Shu give in to their attraction? Will the pair overcome their emotional issues? Will Denver and Shu get their happy ever after? You will have to read
SHU by Alexandria House to find out!

Ms. House shows us in
SHU that we can overcome emotional situations that happen in our past so that we can find love again. Finding the right one to love us through it all is a beautiful thing. Ms. House brings the heat with her sultry and steamy love scenes. They had me fanning myself lol. The story flowed really well, and I couldn’t put it down until I finished reading it.

So, grab your copy of
SHU by Alexandria House today! Trust me when I say this book will have you all in your feelings.

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