Review: Secrets of A Fake Fiancee
Harlequin Desire
May 2020
Category Romance
REVIEWER: Jennifer Brathwaite | RATING: B
REVIEW: Morgan Stewart née Young is a woman for whom life has never been easy. Having grown up with practically no support, she is desperate for a family of her own and tries to claim it by publicly forcing the man who fathered her, but was never a father to her, to acknowledge that she is his daughter. His response is not as she would have hoped. Despite things going left with her father’s acceptance they go very right with the man she meets at the same time, Jared Robinson. Jared is a handsome playboy who takes on the role of hero when Morgan’s father rejects her. When his own brother takes a page out of his book and disappears amidst a scandal, the playboy hero has to take on another role, that of CEO of his family’s business. His carefree history makes both his family and the company’s Board of Directors nervous but the steadying image of a man in a committed relationship would help appease their fear, if only he had one…but maybe there’s a solution. Maybe the woman he rescued - with whom he shares an extraordinary attraction - can help rescue him right back and maybe a business arrangement can turn into a love connection that neither person was expecting.

SECRETS OF A FAKE FIANCÉE moves at a fine pace in terms of the narrative but it’s not clear how much time has actually progressed in the story. It seems that Jared and Morgan’s romance moved from introduction to love in a matter of a few weeks. While such an evolution is not impossible, it seems less plausible given the challenges faced by the main characters over the course of the book.

If one has not read the other novels in The Stewart Heirs Series it might be challenging to become emotionally invested in some of the players in this novel as they their flaws at times seem to outweigh their strengths. One example of this is Jared’s grandmother, Ruth. Her positive response to Morgan is not enough to combat her domineering and somewhat cruel and elitist manner.

Overall SECRETS OF A FAKE FIANCÉE is a passionate story, set in the backdrop of beautiful settings, of two people who come together in the midst of the extreme circumstances of family drama, self-reflection, and personal transformation. During that time they find that life, and love, is what happens when you’re making other plans, causing you to end up where you were supposed to be even when you didn’t know that was where you were going. Although for me not a must buy, for fans of the series it will be money and time well spent.

1st May 2020 |