Review: Second Chance Sweet Shop
Harlequin Special Edition

January 2020
Category Romance
REVIEWER: Jennifer Copeland | RATING: A
REVIEW: SECOND-CHANCE SWEET SHOP by Rochelle Alers is the 7th installment in her popular Wickham Falls Wedding Series. This book brings to life the love story of Sasha Manning and Dwight Adams.  SECOND-CHANCE SWEET SHOP begins with Sasha getting her bakery shop prepared for her grand opening.  Sasha has recently moved back to Wickham Falls after divorcing her famous country singer husband. Sasha is a celebrity pastry chef and she is excited about the opening of her bakery shop. Sasha sees Dwight again when his daughter fills out an application to work in her shop.

Dwight is a dentist in Wickham Falls where he has a successful practice. He is also divorced and has custody of his teenage daughter. When he sees Sasha again, he is attracted to her. He has remained celibate since his divorce because he vowed not to get involved with a woman from Wickham Falls again. Sasha is also attracted to Dwight and the pair decides to let nature take its course.

SECOND-CHANCE SWEET SHOP, we get to catch with some of the characters from the previous books in the series. As a reader, it was great catching up with the characters and getting an update as to what was going on in their lives. The reader gets to follow the journey of Sasha and Dwight as they find love again.

Ms. Alers shows us that we can come home again to find the love that we have been seeking. She also shows us that even though a previous marriage or relationship was problematic, something beautiful and sweet as love can emerge and grow. Will Sasha and Dwight give in to their attraction? Will Sasha and Dwight get a second chance at happiness? You will have to read

I enjoyed reading
SECOND-CHANCE SWEET SHOP. I was hooked from the first chapter and I couldn’t put my kindle down! The book has everything that I love to read as an avid romance reader. It has a great storyline, romance, some love scenes, and some conflict. Ms. Alers is one of my favorite authors so I was so happy to read this book!

1st March 2020 |