Review: Saving Her Shadow
SAVING HER SHADOW - Lutishia Lovely
Kemnsington Dafina/Fiction
March 2020
REVIEWER: Shirley Fleming | RATING: A
REVIEW: At the age of eighteen, Raina Reed makes a life-changing decision to leave her family and the rigid cult community she grew up in. She remembers a happier time when she was younger before her mother remarried. A time when laughter and having fun was not looked upon as taboo. Her decision comes at a high price. Raina is shunned by her family and the entire community. She can tolerate almost anything except not being able to see her baby sister, Abby, aka Shadow. It breaks her heart, especially when she knows that Abby is sick, and her parents refuse to get medical help due to their religious convictions. Armed with her newfound family support system, Raina takes a stand to fight for her sister.

Raina is a courageous young woman willing to go the distance for what she believes in, no matter how many times she gets knocked down or the obstacles that stand in her way. Giving up is not an option. Team Shadow consists of an eclectic group of individuals; Valerie, Christine, Jackie, Bryce, Monica, and Beverly, to name a few. They take on the cause to free Shadow because of their love and commitment to Raina. With this group comes a broad range of resources instrumental in achieving their common goal; to protect Raina and find her sister.

SAVING HER SHADOW is an emotionally well-written story of one sister’s love, which turns into a quest to save her younger sibling from a community cult. It delves into the very touchy subject of religion and the rigid restrictions and practices that exist in some faiths. Ms. Lovely does a great job of shining the light on those practices and the hard choices you have to make in life. Her writing is detailed oriented, and the characters are well-defined, and together they make the story believable. The pacing runs smoothly from one page to the next. Raina’s journey is long and sometimes painful, but necessary to see the ending she strives for. The author shows Raina’s strength and determination to find her sister and get the help she needs. And the outpouring support from friends and strangers is impressive. Kudos to Ms. Lively for a job well done!

This book was a good read from beginning to end. The story is one that will pull on your heartstrings and keep you turning the pages to see the ending. Religion is a subject that draws opinions from all sides.
SAVING HER SHADOW is a detailed account of what can happen when you go against the grain. I recommend it for your reading enjoyment.

29th April 2020 |