Review: Private Stock
PRIVATE STOCK - Iris Bolling
Siri Austin Entertainment

January 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: The prolific Iris Bolling wastes no words in picking up right where the last chapter of the previous book, BANKING ON LOVE ended. A shot was fired just as Cainan, the hero of this book, bent down to kiss AnnieMarie, the heroine. If you recall, in Book 1, INVESTED, AnnieMarie questions her father about his insistence that she stay away from Cainan. PRIVATE STOCK reveals why her late father was so adamant about his youngest daughter keeping her distance from the man who is employed at the family-owned Dunning Bank and Trust. One thing for sure, there is never a dull moment when the Dunning family is involved. You can look forward to romance, weddings, births, a murder or two, death threats, and deception. Fasten your seatbelts!

It’s a killer story that successfully engages all members and associates of the Dunning family. The family closes rank to brilliantly and valiantly thwart attempts to destroy their family name, reputation, and lives as they come up against forces that are determined to wreak havoc and mayhem. The story begins with Cainan being shot, and we finally learn about his background and occupation before working at Dunning. That’s just a partial piece of the puzzle that Ms. Bolling so creatively solves for the reader. Cainan’s family is introduced in this book, and they stand strong with the Dunnings. An abundant number of bad guys on both sides of the pond enhance the on-going drama that always accompanies an Iris Bolling novel. Family members are not exempt from the bad guy list as you will discover. I like this story because the hits just keep coming…literally.

Another reason this story is on my “A” list of great reads is the fierce caste of women who take no prisoners. From Matriarchs, Winnie Dunning and Kaitlyn Wagner; Daisy, the Dunning’s house manager; Kennedy, Cainan’s sister; Gina, the under-rated, but highly efficient Dunning employee; to AnnieMarie, the 50’s haute couture, dressing heroine who is a force to be reckoned with. Speaking of AnnieMarie, I think she does her best work on the rooftop of her mansion. You’ll get that when you read the story. Outstanding scenes! I must also mention the steamy letters she and Cainan exchange that will have you fanning. There are more loathsome men and women in this story than you can shake a stick at, but the Boo-Hiss Award goes to Jonathan’s father, Brentwood Michael, and Nikolai Pavolosky gets the All-Time Favorite Bad Guy Award.

PRIVATE STOCK is a great read! I highly recommend it. I love the Dunnings and all their drama. However, you must read the two previous books, INVESTED and BANKING ON LOVE first since the Dunning family trilogy is a continuing series. Check them out; you won’t be sorry.

10th January 2020 |