Review: On The Corner of Hope & Main
Harper Collins Books
March 2020
Mainstream Fiction
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A+
REVIEW: Without a doubt, there is never a dull moment in Henry Adams, Kansas. Prolific and talented author, Beverly Jenkins, once again allows us to experience the drama, the fierce sense of community, and the triumphs and tragedies that comprise the heart and soul of the town and its citizens. How appropriate it is that this story is released this year. It’s election time in Henry Adams, and the popular mayor, Trent July, is stepping down after serving four years. Huge shoes to fill, indeed, but there are four candidates to step up to the plate. Bernadine Brown continues in her role as the dynamic power broker who purchased the once failing town off eBay and turned it into a thriving jewel in the heartland.

The primary storyline revolves around the mayoral election. What an eclectic lineup of candidates! There’s Riley Curry, the once ostracized former owner of Cletus, the hog; Barrett Payne, head of security; Shiela Payne, his under-rated wife; and last, but not least, Thaddeus July, the old Coyote of the July family. No explanations; no spoilers. You will get it when you read the story. Just as intriguing as the election storyline is, the sub-plots that run parallel are equally compelling. Ms. Jenkins deftly includes serious statements about greed, deceit, and the plight of Black farmers to enhance the story.

Without giving away too much, let me just mention a few characters who contribute to the drama of this arresting story: Leo Brown, Bernadine’s conniving ex-husband; Big Al Stillwell, a contentious farmer; Cletus, the hog; and Mal July, Bernadine’s ex-love. If none of these characters register with you, then I strongly suggest you get busy and check out this series beginning with

Certainly, one of the impressive highlights of
ON THE CORNER OF HOPE AND MAIN is the “coming out” of Sheila Payne. Kudos to Ms. Bev for selecting such a worthy character to shine the spotlight on. Sheila Payne gets my vote for the Outstanding Side Character Award. The “Boo-Hiss Award” is awarded posthumously to Leo Brown. I’ll just leave that right there. The HEA is a stunner! Like I said, “there’s never a dull moment”.

I love this story, and I highly recommend
ON THE CORNER OF HOPE AND MAIN for your reading pleasure. Moreover, I love this series. It is truly a brilliant piece of writing. Please note: The Blessings Novels series is a continuing series, so the books must be read in order. Now do yourself a favor and get to know the denizens of Henry Adams. You can thank me later.

23rd Feburary 2020 |