Review: Never Letting Go
NEVER LETTING GO - Sheryl Lister
SL Books
April 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: NEVER LETTING GO chronicles the ups and downs of a young married couple juggling demanding careers. The story of Jamal Montgomery, an attorney, and his wife, Asia, a journalist who are struggling to keep their marriage together. Author, Sheryl Lister brilliantly presents Jamal and Asia’s story as a testament to the dilemma that couples face today in finding time for each other as they seek advancement in their given careers.

I love a story with connections to other stories. Sheryl Lister is a master at connecting her characters from one engaging story to another. We first encountered this couple in a previous work,
HER PASSIONATE PROMISE (Women of Park Manor) Although they were not the featured couple, there were hints that they were having trouble. NEVER LETTING GO presents a closer look at this couple and their disintegrating marriage. The storyline is well-developed, so the reader is completely engulfed in their efforts and missteps that happen as they try to figure it out. It takes a trip to Jamaica, brought on by an horrific blow to their already rocky marriage, to finally bring some resolve. No spoilers. I’ll let you discover what was intended to bring an end to their marriage, but instead solidified it. That Jamaican trip also rekindled the fire in their marriage. It’s all steam-heat from there!

I loved the side characters who helped to move the story along. The couple’s friends, Eric and Kathi Dawson, the protagonists of
HER PASSIONATE PROMISE play key roles. Yes, there is a prime candidate for the “Boo-Hiss Award”. That credit goes to Stephanie Carlson, the paralegal in the law office where Jamal worked. You’ll understand when you read the story. The HEA is totally satisfying.

NEVER LETTING GO is a quick, captivating read, and I recommend it. I enjoyed it, and I think you will, too. It is one of the fourteen books offered in the Carnivale Chronicles series. So, if you are looking for some A-1 reads, check them out. In the meantime, enjoy NEVER LETTING GO. You can thank me later.

29th March 2020 |