Review:  Never Again
NEVER AGAIN - Deleney Diamond
Park Avenue Press

January 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEW: NEVER AGAIN is the third installment of The Quicksand Series. Carmen Reeves is focused on expanding her Families business, Fit Body gyms, into the Atlanta market. She splits her time between Toronto and Atlanta, where she has thrown herself into work to recover from her broken heart. Carlos Hortado relocated to Atlanta after he walked out of Carmen’s life. He is described by Ms. Diamond as an artist with a gift for using only his hands as tools, no brushes. How he creates his work, and the description of his heritage (Chilean and Peruvian of Quechuan descent), captures the reader’s attention.

When Carmen and Carlos see each other for the first time in a few years, the reader knows right away that they still have feelings for each other. They easily fall back into physical intimacy, but can they get past the hurt and barriers and start again?

In the past, Carmen’s upbringing, lifestyle and her Father’s influence wasn’t conducive for them to be together. Carlos loves Carmen, but he still has insecurities about not being accepted. Carmen and Carlos can’t freely be together because of unresolved issues that need to be addressed. Despite all of this, Carlos is determined not to let Carmen go again.

Ms. Diamond often features a character with a rich, multi-cultural background. She is not a surface dweller and has done her research to share information about Carlos’ heritage and even some of the dishes he and his family enjoy preparing.

Despite having an overbearing Father, Carmen’s family and best friend Natalie are supportive. Strong family support, though shown in different ways, is definitely important for Ms. Diamond to express to the reader. For the most part, the story follows a certain formula. However, this latest installment of the Quicksand series is a good, light read that highlights the theme of second chance love.

28th January 2020 |