Review: Move Your Body
MOVE YOUR BOBY - Stephanie Nicole Norris
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April 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW: MOVE YOUR BODY captures the spirit of Carnivale through the art of dance. Messiah West and Tatiana Anderson take the reader on a love journey that sizzles with flirtatious repartee and sensuous dance moves. Their chemistry is quite palpable. Chicago is the setting for this powerful novella, and the Chi-Flavor Afro-Caribbean Carnivale serves as a backdrop.

Both Tatiana and Messiah (What a great name!) are professional dance teachers. Initially they meet under not so friendly circumstances. Yet, the air virtually crackles with hot vibes when they are in each other’s company. I love how creative writer, Stephanie N. Norris, builds their relationship. Tatiana’s reluctance to accept Messiah’s friendship is slowly whittled away by his unrelenting personality and his undeniable attraction to her. Their smooth, sensual dance moves are described in such a way that you can actually visualize them, especially at the festival’s competition. Kudos to the author for her vivid descriptions of the costumes and the dance-off between the two teams and their leaders, Tatiana and Messiah. What happens between Tatiana and Messiah after the competition is some kind of hot!

One of the story’s select scenes occurs during Messiah and Tatiana’s outing at a gun range. Who knew clay pigeon shooting practice could be so sexy! You’ll get that when you read the story. Hopefully, this will not be the last time we read about this couple.

is a worthy addition to the Carnivale Chronicles Series. The line-up of talented authors assures great reads. While I recommend MOVE YOUR BODY for your reading pleasure, I also recommend the other thirteen books in the series. You can thank me later.

6th April 2020 |