Review: Most Eligible Bachelor
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February 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Shirley Fleming | RATING: A
REVIEW: Chantelle Sah is a writer with Odopa magazine. She has been given the assignment to interview Lord McKenzie, Ghana’s most notorious playboy. The interview is scheduled on Valentine’s Day, a day that holds painful memories for Chantelle. When they meet for the interview, the attraction between Chantelle and Lord is instantaneous. Although they try to ignore it, it takes on a life of its own and overflows into a one-night stand that impacts both of them. Lord has never believed in love at first sight until Chantelle. Chantelle doesn’t want to feel anything for Lord. She tried love and commitment before and was betrayed, so she's not in a hurry to put her heart in another’s hands again. But when love is involved, Lord and Chantelle realized they are fighting a losing battle. They fell in love so quickly, and fortunately, their one-night stand turns into that forever kind of love.

Lord is a construction Tycoon and playboy. He’s used to being in the limelight, and he expects it because of his status and lifestyle. The media has dubbed him Ghana’s most eligible bachelor. A title he hasn’t given much thought to until it reflects negatively on his business. Chantelle is a writer for a popular magazine.  But because of painful events in her past, she has no personal life to speak of.  These days she spends most of her time building her career one story at a time.

MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR is an exciting read from beginning to end. The pacing is good, and the characters are realistic and thought-provoking. The main characters are explosive. Secondary characters have their own story to tell.  When Chantelle and Lord are within touching distance of each other, the sparks are flying. These two can hardly keep their hands off each other. The sizzling attraction between them is like an inferno!  Their presence dominates the pages of this must-read attention-getter. I love this writer’s stories. They are always exciting, and she never disappoints. Her attention to detail is excellent. Once you start reading her books, you can’t put them down. I consider the touch of Ghana a real plus, and it gives her stories a sense of reality. And it makes them a pleasure to read.

I enjoyed Chantelle and Lord’s story. I am looking forward to reading more of the Men Of Distinction.

22nd March 2020 |