Review: More Than Love
MORE THAN LOVE - Sharon C. Cooper
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March 2020
Contemporary Romance
REVIEWER: Brenda Larnell | RATING: A
REVIEW:  It’s always good to reconnect with the Jenkins family, one of my favorite book families. This story features Corporate Attorney, Benjamin Jenkins, and the woman he is crazy about, Makena Nichols, a Family Law Attorney. When the story opens, Ben and Makena have been friends for over forty years, and while Ben treasures their friendship, he wants more.

I love second-chance love stories, and author Sharon C. Cooper has written an engaging story about two people who are unquestionably so in tune with each other that they can finish each other’s sentence. What I love most about this couple is that they are a “seasoned couple” in their fifties, who after marrying other people and raising children who are now adults, have rediscovered that their love for each other has never waned. Yet, Makena is reluctant to exchange their friendship for romance. Thank goodness Ben is persistent! Leave it up to the talented Ms Cooper to inject “wait-a-minute” moment into the storyline that takes quite an intriguing turn when Makena accepts a somewhat mysterious client who seeks her services to draw up his will. The entrance of the client, Mr. Edward Foxall, takes the story in an unexpected direction. No spoilers, but I will say that there is a whole lot of story packed into this entertaining novella.

You can’t have a story that involves a Jenkins’ family member without the whole Jenkins’ clan coming on board. They are all present and accounted for in Ben and Makena’s story with Ben’s parents, Steven and Katherine Jenkins taking on pivotal roles. The other Jenkins’ side characters help to move the storyline along. I love how the author resolves the conflict because it leads to a sweet HEA that will appeal to your romantic sensibilities.

I enjoyed
MORE THAN LOVE and I recommend it. It’s a quick and charming read. I also recommend the books that compile the extensive Jenkins Family stories that you can add to your “books to read” pile while we are currently undergoing shelter-in-place orders during this COVID-19 pandemic. Stay safe and read.

24th March 2020 |